Modern Christian Music

I went to a modern Methodist Church. The bulk of the service was music. I guess you would call it “rock”. Not to be mean, but it was dreadful. The musicians were talented, obviously. Quite frankly, I envy their skill. The songs were simply words set to music. There was no structure. No chorus, no verse. Even the words were not words that I don’t normally find in religious music. I remember “famous” coming up a few times in reference to God. I was with people who are college educated in music, and they liked the music. Other congregants were certainly “into” it. Swaying and rocking out. I really enjoy liturgical music. In fact, if someone told me they doubted the existence of God, I would tell them to listen to Handel’s “Messiah”.
I guess my point is,“Is it just me?” What am I missing?

I watched this the other day. great interview, she sings Christian song, but in her style. very good interview, and beautiful music she compiles/writes.

tatiana Cameron journey home… :thumbsup:

Nope, you are not alone.

I much prefer Gregorian Chant, and the Church does too.

So, don’t go back if you don’t care for it.
Simple fix.


Why didn’t I think of that?:thumbsup:

Yeah, I never developed an appreciation for contemporary Christian ‘rock/pop’ but can’t put my finger on why I don’t like it.

I work with a (Protestant) woman who sometimes leads her church’s worship services, she plays guitar in their church band, she listens to contemporary Christian at work sometimes, and I…I just don’t get the appeal. :shrug:

We occasionally have a soft-country-rock combo play at Mass. They play from the regular songbook/hymnal and I don’t quite like that sound either. Maybe because it’s too loud? Who wants amped guitars at 8:30 on a Sunday morning?

There’s good songs, and there’s bad songs. That old thick hymnal is full of sappy shallow songs too, but thankfully they usually get skipped. :slight_smile: The newness of a contemporary song can influence its inclusion over its lack of meaning, unfortunately.

I spent years at a large non-denominational church that had loud contemporary worship. Fortunately, they usually did a really good job with song selection. Personally, I grew weary of what I perceived was playing to elicit an emotional response. That’s not always a bad thing, worship can be emotional, but I got the feeling they were just trying too hard. I’m happy for those who find it fulfilling though.

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