Modern-day "Dewey Defeats Truman"

Both Fox News and CNN reported that that SCOTUS had struck down Obamacare. See Slate.

One of my favorite sayings is, “It’s better to be lucky than smart” but I guess in the news business it’s more important to be first than accurate.

That’s funny!

(Re your sig – I just finished the first disk of Season 7, thanks to Netflix.)

They probably reported it because most conservatives
did not expect
the Sordid Betrayal of this nation the scotus carried out today.

I heard that Obama received the erroneous report from cable news and believed the mandate had been struck down, before being informed by his staff that it had not been. Evidently it is the media that is in charge of the country.

When I went to the cnn live blog this morning, I think the confusion came from the way the opnion was written and read. The sequence on the posts went like this:

  1. Under the commerce clause, the individual mandate is unconstitutional (I am guessing that at this point, some of the networks “called it” and ran the headline that the mandate had been struck down.)

  2. However, under the power to levy taxes, the mandate holds. (I am guessing that at this point, the aforementioned networks realized they had been premature.)

I was watching the live stream from some ABC affiliate and they immediately said it had been upheld 6-3. But it was actually 5-4. The guy on air is literally paging through the decision trying to make sense of the legalese and talk coherently about it in front of thousands of people at the same time. That can’t be easy. :o

It’s that old devil 24-hour news cycle.
In the olden days when men were men and there was no cable the ruling would have been reported on radio, then in the evening (yes, evening) papers and by the time the network news came on their legal correspondents would have had the whole day to read and analyse all the opinions.

You do know that it’s Aaron Sorkin, right?

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