Modern day Jewish Prophets

I’m in the process of reading the old Testament and was wondering if there are any modern day Jewish Prophets.

Prophet as the representative of God: not any more. With Jesus Gods plan preparing the Incarnation is completed, he born as men, and stays among us through the Church and the Eucharist.

prophet as telling people what to do yes. Theodor Herzl was one of them.

should not this question be asked of some respected Jewish authority? try non-Catholic religions sometimes some very well informed people of other faiths participate and graciously answer there

Depends of what he wants to know if he just want the view of Jews you are right but if he want a correct answer then you are wrong.

If a Jew is a prophet that’s means he gets true information from God and so he would know about Jesus so he would immediately become Christian and so would not be a Jew anymore.

No, there are no modern day Jewish prophets: for a discussion on this subject from a Jewish perspective see this link:

A prophet speaks for God, if there were modern Jewish prophets that would mean that the Law of Moses was still in effect; but it is not. The Catholic Church is the New Israel, when God wants to speak to the Faithful, He does so through dogmatic declarations. These are Catholic not Jewish.

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