Modern Day Miracles or Something Else?

Just read a headline about a dead man in "rigor"who came back to life. I’ve read other stories about the same this Jesus at work in modern times, or something else?

Each incident of a supposed miracle is studied by the Church exhaustively. The Congregation for the Causes of Saints has to obtain access to all relevant records, personnel, other witnesses, and certain outside experts as appropriate. Miracles happen all the time.


Are there any cases that you know of, Church approved, where a clearly dead person in rigor mortis had come back to life?

Anyone else?

Im curious about this…I do know satan does not have the power to do this, and do not believe God would allow him to do it either.

Why would it need to have anything to do with Jesus, Catholicism or even God?

We do not understand everything about the workings of nature.
Often we “wheel in God” to explain these “gaps” in our understanding … which many feel is intolerable.

Yet such a “God of the gaps” may well be an imaginary God and serve true religion poorly.

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