Modern Day Prophet, Moral Crusader, Critic of Both West and East, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Dies at 89

By John Jalsevac August 5, 2008 ( - Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the towering literary figure often referred to as a modern day prophet, passed away of natural causes in his homeland at the age of 89 this past Sunday. During his life the Nobel prize winning author - best known…

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i never heard of him until now. i read his speech in harvard in 78’ and it sounds like a papal encyclical and surprisingly catholic even though he was orthodox. this says to me that the russian church is a true church and we have much in common. i also think we can learn much from the christian east.

Another profound loss for the literary world. :frowning:

Amen, a modern day prophet indeed, just like Pope Paul 6 and his humanae vitae.

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