Modern day slavery

So here are the statistics: 40% of worlds cocoa produced by the Ivory Coast. 90% of the cocoa produced in the Ivory Coast is produced by slave that cost as little as $40 each at a slave market place (they are abundant in the Ivory coast as well as other parts of Africa). Most of Hershey’s chocolate is from the Ivory Coast. Is it immoral for a Catholic to buy Hershy’s chocolate?:confused:

If what you are saying is true then it would be immoral for anyone, Catholic or not, to do business with Hershey.

Where are you getting your information from? You did not provide a link.

I got this information from a book called Slavery Today which is part of the At Issue serries. That book contains a collection of essays disscusing the toppic. It is a great “eye opener”. Sorry if that threw you off.

Well, we don’t talk about it.

Hush, hush.

Not politically correct.

I haven’t done it, but based on what some friends have said, if you Google “sex slavery” you will find a lot of Web sites.

There is a BIG sex slave trade. In fact, some woman in an Islamic country was on television going on about how it was perfectly alright for her husband to drive down to the local slave market and buy a sex slave.

Probably not just Hershey’s.

The cocoa is sold on the open market, probably on an auction market. So everybody who does business in Ivory Coast buys slave harvested and processed cocoa.

What other countries are involved?

Ivory Coast by the way is in the middle of a big civil war between the Christians and the Muslims. Christian church got burned down.

So we need to get the WHOLE story. Is it Muslim cocoa or Christian cocoa?

  1. Just because it’s printed dosn’t mean it’s true. Greenhaven press is a small publisher owned by Gale which is in turn owned by Cengage Learning. I don’t trust an of the three major educational pubs (McGraw Hill, Pearson and Cengage) as far as I can throw a stick. Especally on social issues. Here’s a washington post article on how companines (especally “imprints of larger ones”) have been known to have eggregois errors.

  1. If it is true we must find ways to aid the person/persons involved. Catholic Charities, for instance, is involved in most countries in the world. If they aren’t they can direct you to an orginization that may help in the area you’re concerned about.

  2. boycotting a large congolomerate…even in a large number…will do nothing. Why? Because they have their fingers in alot of pots. If you somehow do impact their bottem line you’ll mostly end up hurting Americans, from the factory workers, to the truck drivers to the cashiers at the grocery store. The slave owners will simply move them to something more lucerative, or sell them off.

I know. I did a report on modern day slavery at school.

Just like the issue of human trafficking, it is so difficult to sort out who the cocoa comes from. There is no way you can buy a box of cocoa and say it is “cristian cocoa”. If you buy chocolate it is probably going to come from Christians and Muslims. Just because the Muslims are killing Christians does not mean that Christians are not killing Muslims as well so it shouldn’t really matter what religion it is coming from.

I have been doing more research and found some links about cocoa slavery in the Ivory Coast.

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