Modern false prophets


Some of my threads in the past had to do the TV evangelist, Leroy Jenkins, at first I thought he was doing a good thing, but over time I noticed some of the things he said and did were contradictory to the bible (some in very big ways).

It got me thinking about false prophets, Jesus said there would be many who come and go, and some would be very convincing, able to do real miracles, etc. I was watching one last night, I paid close attention to everything he was saying, and instead of giving credit to God, instead he used the word ‘me or I’…“Come up and I will heal you”, but other times, after he did a healing, he would shout out for people to say amen or give glory to God…so which is it…why would a false prophet be instructing anyone to give glory to God?

It also made me wonder why so many christians seem to think the healings these prophets do, are fake, when Jesus told us they would be able to do these things, I mean, just because a false prophet can truly heal a crippled or sick person does not necessarily mean it is coming from God, I think when these people try to claim they are hoaxers or fake, that is in some ways, saying that God was wrong, in that they would not really be able to heal or do other miracles??

Since these false prophets seem to be so popular today, many of them fill large stadiums, with 1000s of people coming to them to be healed, why doesnt the CC address this more and actively try to shut them down or at least call them out on their contradictions?

It also got me thinking how God feels about the people who do get healed by one these false prophets, sure their earthly lives will be a bit more comfortable, but Id imagine they will have to answer for ‘receiving’ that kind of healing as well…right?


Most of the TV Evangelist are may times millionairs. They are the Trumps of the Mega-Churches. Some do give back and a few are genuine, but most just line their pockets. Miracles can be preformed by good, believing people that don’t carry a bank book in their back pocket. Peace.


Let’s also not forget that unlike the Church, which has rigorous procedures in place to verify “signs” and miracles, many of these TV preachers and their followers take things at face value. How many of their “miracles” would stand up to scrutiny? :wink:


Healing comes from your faith in Jesus, not leeroy the preacher…


Then the bible was wrong about false prophets ability to do healings and miracles? If most of these tv preachers are not really healing and its all fake, then, in reality, they would not even be real ‘false prophets’.

Id like to see the list of ‘approved’ false prophets from the church, I cant think of one single person thru history that fits the descriptions.

BTW, the way I understand it, to actually be a false prophet, you have to have some kind of supernatural ability or power to back it up (their powers and abilities come from the enemy, not God, but they appear just as real to us), just claiming something with all talk does not make a person a false prophet.


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