Modern Issues

I was asked by a JW preacher what good has the “Church” done, when molesters, pedophilia runs rampant and why doesnt the vatican excommunicate them? especially in the incident where the diocese sold lots to pay for the case?

during that talk, I just evaded the discusion and talked about the benefits the Church has given throughout history, i guess, it worked because they are also benefitting from catholic schools, hospitals, institutions, etc. LOL;)

what should i respond in any event i would be asked of this again?

Fist of all the “Church” hasn’t molested anyone, individuals are responsible for their actions. Molesters are excommunicated, defrocked, taken out of any public ministry. Pedophilia is only 1 out of about many hundreds of cases, most are actually homosexual relationships with teen boys. Tell them to keep in mind also that Child molestation is greatly more prevelant in domestic situations, where, boyfriends/girl friends and step-parents are involved, and also in sports, schools, youth organizations, other religions.

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