Modern Knighthood


A new breed of Christian is needed in the world today, a breed that hearkens back to the Middle Ages. This type of Christian must be committed to the theory and regeneration of Christendom. The New Christian Knight must be an unyielding militant for Christ and His flock – an activist who recognizes the criticality of defending Christian Civilization, as it was for a century in Europe, beginning with the fall of Rome, and lasting with the expulsion of the Moors from Spain, at the Battle of Granada, in 1492. He is the opposite of the Christian pacifist. :knight1:


No, he isn’t. A Christian pacifist is willing to be killed rather than harm others. That is knighthood plus. And the society from which you take your model recognized this (at least when it was being faithful to its own best ideals). If you don’t, your “new knighthood” will be nothing more than sanctified thuggery (as indeed the old knighthood was a lot of the time).

Both Christian pacifism and “knighthood” are opposed to any way of life that primarily values safety and materialism. That may take the form of supine pacifism or pragmatic use of military force to achieve worldly goals. The key question is not pacifism vs. knighthood but idealism vs. materialism.



We can have fighting monks again! And tithes. Churches owning lands and having serfs in bondage to them.


[quote=Montalban;]We can have fighting monks again! And tithes. Churches owning lands and having serfs in bondage to them.

serfs up


I’m in for this new knighthood, as I’ve always thought of myself as a Christian Knight. Defend those that can’t defend themselves. Though really I see myself as more of the Kung-Fu Apostle.





“Earn these shields, boys!”

(click on said shield to go to the site - you can join up and get dog tags!)


People might also be interested specifically in this.

Peter d’Iago
~“See? I brought more soldiers than you.”


I am all for it. We can lead the Charge from Gondor!


The Legion of Saint Michael is awesome!! The weekly email messages, exclusively for Legion members, are fantastic as well.

And I love my personalized dog tags! :thumbsup:



I want to be a nobleman! (or woman). I have 5 acres of land I can put some huts up on. And I’ll allow anyone who wants to be a peasant live in them and till my land for me. They get to keep 10% of whatever they grow.


There are modern Knighthood. My parish is invovled with Equestrian Knights of the Holy Seplechure, which has its base in the Holy Land.




:thumbsup: I am a Christian Knight. We fought in the Middle Ages, protected pilgrims to the Holy Land, we were a group of monks now personified in an organization that carries on their ideals from long ago. This organization is the Knights Templar.



I bid you good knight good night


I’m in, but I’ll wait for you to choose whether you’re going to be a nobleman, or a woman first:p


Well, I guess I’ll stay a noblewoman. Don’t worry, I’m very nice. Don’t worry about me mistreating my serfs!


Cool, from the wording of your post, I thought you might have had some gender uncertainties :stuck_out_tongue:

Could I be a yeoman?

Have you set out a glebe yet? (that’s the land set aside for the church - where the crops from that go to the church)


No gener uncertanties here! After bearing 4 children, etc., I feel pretty comfortable with my femininity!:slight_smile:

Acturally, I do donate quite a bit of my garden produce to the local homeless shelter every year, so I guess the answer is yes, I do have some land set aside for the church!

How about if we build our own little chapel here on my farm, and we’ll even get our own priest to minister to us, too.

And I have a project for my peasants already. My well has gone out on me, and I need them to come asap and fix it, so we have water again!

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