Modern mendicant Orders


I am wondering if there are any modern day orders which follow closely the Fransican mendicant ideal- that LITERALLY are poor, and roam around, sleeping on the streets and in Churches.


I know of one in the Archdiocese of Boston that does something similar, though they do have a rectory they live in (no heat and very little furniture). I am hesitant to say the name of the Order, however. They are very low key, and mostly run retreats. Though how they get from their Rectory to the other Churches is beyond me. They only correspond via mail and lack a computer and telephone. I doubt they have a car either. anyway, they are a great group of Brothers. Though, I don't think it is my particular charism. :thumbsup:


There are lot's of people like that here I don't know if they belong to any particular faith though. It would be quite the life to willingly chose to detach all worldly things and live a life of poverty. I suffer from social anxiety due to mental illness and I am trying so hard to get out of that isolated lifestyle but I find that faith and works coupled with my programs and medication with diligent prayer and meditation keep me relatively sane if I falter on any of them I can feel it and get off Q fast so I don't know that - that lifestyle would be good for me however I agree with and adore the principals that these kind of people live for. Even that fact that they live their principals and articles of faith is amazing.:o:rolleyes:.


I think you are looking for the Franciscans of the Primitive Observance. They are a group of Franciscans that are trying to live the original Rule in all the manners as possible as St. Francis originally intended. Owning nothing, both as an Order and as individuals.

Here is an article talking about them:

And a friar talking about them:

I will see if I can find a better link for them.


That was the order I was talking about. I have met about 5 so far.


Many thanks for letting me know about these!


Also, you might look into:

They also have a womens branch: The Franciscan Sisters Minor.
Both communities live a very primitive form of franciscanism…


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