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I have a friend who ( I think) belongs to the Modern Mennonite denomination. Some of the questions he asks me are very similar to ones that Protestants ask ie. Sola Scriptura, Mary Worship, Praying directly to God. Pope as God. etc.

Does anyone have any information on the modern Mennonite denomination as I feel I’ll be defending my faith again in the near future.

Do these churches actually teach this stuff about Catholics in their churhces ?


This site seems to have a lot of info and links if one wants to take the time to read and link to there other sites. You might do better to spend the time getting to know Catholicism better to be able to defend yourself. I would let your friend tell you what he believes since it may or may not be what other Mennonites believe.

The Mennonites are from the anabaptist movement, I believe.

There is a Mennonite family that sends their two sons to my son’s school, Queen of Angels Montessori. I have taken a few jabs from the mom – she did want to see if I was up to speed on my faith.

At first, I wondered why on earth they would send their sons to this little school, then I realized that of they ignore the full teaching of our faith and being loyal to the Magisterium, we have a school where the catchesis is lived and not just taught. We have students that learn to always help a younger student or anyone who might need help.

We are the Catholics that make it unnecessary to distinguish Christian from Catholic. So, even though they seem to not enjoy our school mass very much they do have other choices and we aren’t holding them captive.

Not a real big help, but just my trivial dealings over three years with a family that I like – most of the time.:wink:


Mennonites are the largest surviving branch of the Anabaptist movement of the 16th century. Although Baptists and other groups that don’t baptize infants owe a lot to the Anabaptist tradition, they’re really quite different and it’s not helpful to confuse Baptists with Anabaptists (as a lot of people understandably do). Obviously on many issues, such as sacramental theology, the Mennonites are radical Protestants. But their doctrine of faith and works is actually closer to Catholicism than that of many Protestants (Lutherans, Reformed, Baptists). In fact, the Reformers thought that the Anabaptists were a form of “new monasticism,” because of their focus on following Christ and taking the Sermon on the Mount literally. While obviously they don’t practice celibacy, this is not such a crazy idea–many modern scholars think that monastic ideals did influence the early Anabaptists. Their most distinctive teaching today is non-resistance–this goes beyond pacifism and historically means that they don’t swear oaths, hold government office, or in any other way participate in the structures of the “world.” However, in many Mennonites today it’s not that different from regular old pacifism.

More conservative Mennonites still have strict rules not only about non-resistance but also about dress and other aspects of daily life. A 17th-century split-off (or, as some would argue, a closely related Anabaptist group) are the Amish, who take these rules much more strictly. But there are “Old Order Mennonites” who don’t have cars, and others who won’t use radios (not to speak of TV). Conservative Mennonite women wear head coverings and dress very plainly. The majority of Mennonites, though, don’t keep these rules any more.

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