Modern Miracles?



Do non-Catholics believe that miracles can and do still take place? If so, is there a limit on how great the miracle can be? If not, why not?


Although I am Catholic now, I just became a Catholic at Easter.

I can’t speak for all Christian denominations but as for the COG and the AOG, sure they believe in miracles.

Miracles of healing occur throughout the world and I believe that most all Christian religions believe in them.

There is no limit as to how large a miracle can be.



How about restoring a severed limb?


Well, I’m a nurse and I have seen severed limbs repaired many times… Miracles occur even through doctors as long as God guides their hand.

Are you suffering from a severed limb??


:amen: sometimes we don’t see miracles because we look in the wrong places.

Speaking of amputations, Sts Cosmas and Damian (physicians living in the 200s AD, well before modern transplant surgery) successfully transplanted a leg from a newly deceased man onto an amputee. This has to be one of the greatest medical miracles ever, even if not an actual regrowth of the limb.

What makes it more interesting is that the amputee was Caucasian, the leg came from an Ethiopian man. Would’ve given the neighbours something to talk about for sure.


I thought miracles were supernatural acts of God? So something that can be explained by Science would not be a miracle.

If that is Not the case, then just walk into any Emergency Room and there are your “miracles”.



No, I am not. In another thread I mentioned Saint John Damascene who had his hand severed by Muslims and through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary it was restored to him. Someone on that thread thought is was a bunch of funny hooey - and someone else agreed.


No. Every act of God is a miracle, supernatural or not. Creation (bringing a universe or a planet into being where before was nothing) is a miracle. Life (infusing it into a cell to make it grow into a human, or into seed to make it grow into a tree) is a miracle.

And you’re right, ERs are full of 'em. Many of the most devoutly religious people I know are doctors.

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