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Are there any guidlines that people follow when they decide whether or not to watch a movie. Being a teenager, almost everytime i am at a party, a PG13 or R movie is shown, and i was wondering if anybody had any websites or guidlines about how to decide what movies to watch. it is very hard to leave the group while at a party, but at the same time i do not want to commit a sin. Thanks


go to for movie reviews. I run into the same problem often. If a film is gravely going against Catholic faith or morals it’s better to not view it.


Try It gives ALL the details.


Lil_lady, I do wish that more teens were like you! Your own instincts will probably serve you better than the (very good) websites mentioned by other responders.

In many situations, you will not have the chance to research a particular film. Trust your instincts - they seem to be Spirit led!

May God bless you!



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