"Modern" NO masses

For those of you who complain …

I get it now.

I won’t say where I went to Mass today, but I get it now. I completely get why traditional Catholics get upset at what they see happen at Mass.

Let me put it to you this way: the EMHC didn’t even know how to put communion on my tongue. No. Kneelers.

What I saw today … :eek:

I tried to rationalize, “At least these people are going to Mass. At least they tried to be reverent.” I nearly cried watching how communion was being handled.

I’m so glad when I came back to the Catholic church I did not go to my parish at first but went to Divine Liturgy and then to one I know has more traditional “leanings.”

I used to to think that some of you guys were just being nit picky and overly sensitive. Not anymore. I kept praying to God to help me get present, help me not judge. So I just closed my eyes. I felt like I was being entertained. The tabernacle wasn’t even up on this altar that looked like some rock. And communion felt like there was a wait staff at the altar.

I realize that were this the only parish then I would have to go to it. But fortunately it is not. One of the things I love about the Church is Tradition. I sort of wondered if I was at some sort of protestant revival. :frowning:

I feel so badly at how I am reacting, but still…I wondered if this is why the belief in the Real Presence is diminishing, because of the way communion is being treated in some Masses. :frowning: I keep saying to myself, “There are different styles of Masses for different types of Catholics.”

Just some thoughts. I’m really trying not to judge but I am failing miserably.

Well, pray that this won’t happen anymore! I think the BVM will intercede for us!


Okay let me see if the third time is the charm…for some reason the words in my post weren’t showing up. :shrug:

Anywhoo, I wanted to thank you for posting the link to this article. It’s an answer prayer, and will be interested to see how more stubborn parishes and diocese respond to the Holy Father’s directive. God strengthen the faithful!

AWESOME!!! :dancing::clapping:

Let’s hope this trend continues.

We went to dinner after Mass and I was actually wondering aloud whether there was a relationship between reverence and proper attire at Mass and the distribution and reception of communion.

It’s looking like it’s pretty obvious.

Incidentally my beau and I were discussing “forcing” things at Church at dinner. He said that let’s just say a priest comes in, and says, “Okay! Everyone receives communion on the tongue! We have a cruciform church! And all that. Then come Sunday, no one would be at Mass.” I said, “Good!” he looked at my shocked. I then said, “That means they weren’t there for Mass but to just feel good. Those who are there for communion with reverence and respect would still show up.”

Being Byzantine, he admits he has “issues” with Latin Rite that I have with some of the more “modern” NO masses. LOL! But we agree that each rite is each rite and they have their respective, well, rites. heh…

I do kind of wish that Latin Rite would give communion with way Eastern Rite does. That would actually force communion in the mouth.

That being said… the rest of the Mass was … well, it looked staged, choreographed, and like I was being entertained. I dunno. I just didn’t feel comfortable so I won’t be going there again.

Incidentally, there were A LOT of seats empty. When I attend my regular parish (it even has a communion rail where we kneel!) each Mass I’ve been to has been FULL. Completely. Packed. So … I dunno. …

Did you know they have a Latin Mass at 7:30am(think that’s the time) at St. Thomas Aquinas in Dallas? We would have to leave the house at 5:30am…lol. So far we haven’t been able to work up the discipline to travel that early. So I am excited to here that there is going to be a Latin parish in Irving, with the possiblity of a time that would be suitable to travelers from afar.

Yes, I did. Gosh. I’m closer and even I don’t have that discipline. :stuck_out_tongue: I feel awful sometimes because, well, anyway… I admit to being lazy. I do plan on checking it out sometime.

I thought it was only on Saturday tho’… I’ll give them a call and confirm.

The many forms of the modern NO Mass.


Thomas Aguinas at 7:30 am on Saturdays, 6:30 am during the week. You can go to the 9:30 am Sunday Latin mass or the 11 am Mass at the convent located in Oak Cliff. Beautiful litte chapel. Great choir at the 9:30 am high Mass. Go to their website. Google Latin mass community Dallas tx. That should get you more info.


I have heard about the Mass at the Chapel, but it was always followed by terms such as “pack to the rafter”, “standing room only” and really small chapel. So I wasn’t sure if they could squeeze in more people. I’ll go check out the website again…thanks.

I used to be a rectionary and a whole lot more naive about the liturgy and how the Church works but with God’s grace I feel that I have grown over the years when it comes to attending/taking part in sacrificial liturgies.

I no longer obsess about that which I cannot control. For a long time my pride did not allow me to do that. My fixation was always on what was wrong (at least in my mind) and the reasons for the things being wrong. Rarely would I dwell on what was good about the sacrificial liturgy I had just attended. Now I dwell on the positive and I am able to effect real change a heck of a lot more often when it comes to the liturgies I attend than in the past. If I cannot I peacefully offer-up my concerns to God.

I am educated enough that I now realize (for example) the actual Church requirements of locating a tabernacle. I am no longer upset that my personal preference of having it located on the rear centerline of the sanctuary is not followed by all parishes. With God’s help I now realize my personal preference is not always the only way (or even the best way) in all situations.

I feel genuine sadness for those who allow their personal interpretation of the GIRM, RS, select writings from the USCCB dominate their time with Jesus Christ as He is sacrificed to His Father for our sins. That’s tragic. No, I don’t accept “abuses” and yes I do believe “externals” are vitally important but I think God that I obsess about either when I am taking part in a Catholic sacrificial liturgy – of any kind.

God is good.

I’m starting to.

My 10 & 11 year old cousins came to visit, and they were lost at Mass. I don’t expect them to follow along 100%, but they were asking what I felt were basic questions, considering they’re altar boys in their parish. “Why do you do this, and that?” “Why kneel all those times?” Etc…
Upon talking to their mom, she tells me of the things their priest leaves out of Mass to make it shorter and family friendly. Things I’ve been told are crucial to Mass and the Consecration. Things I’ve read about. And my heart just sinks and I think “Oh, those things I’ve read about do exist.”

I’m very thankful that my priest is as strict with the rules as he is, and he is. If he wasn’t, I may have never returned.

I’m glad you have found peace! This is something not all of us are so blessed with. Sometimes it is just impossible for us to accept some of the major disrespects to our Lord at Mass. God bless you.

OhMalley, I don’t disagree with you. Like I said, I closed my eyes and prayed that I would not be so judgemental. That at least we were all at Mass.

I had never been to a Mass like this one. I was … shocked. Truly shocked. My post was not to point out liturgical abuses, but to say that I completely understand now why traditional Catholics get upset at what they see. It was totally jarring for me. I would have never thought I was at a Catholic Mass if I didn’t know it was a Catholic parish. And I was trying to look at it positively by saying, “There are different styles of Masses for different styles of Catholics.” :slight_smile:

I have made an observation, however. The regular parish I go to, which is more Traditional, is always full. It’s nearly standing room only. When I’ve been to a more “modern” Mass, and I’ve been to a couple around town, there’s always seats available. Further, their bulletins show that they’re running in the red. However, my traditional parish has plenty of “extra” money. Interesting. :hmmm: I suppose to you could say that the traditional parish is in a very nice part of town, and it is, but so is the one I went to today. It’s actually near a country club and some very very nice houses.

That being said, I’m fortunate enough that I have plenty of choices here to vote with my feet.


Your missing the point – a subtle point that it took me a long time to understand. Your anger/dismay at Mass (or even outside of it) isn’t doing you (or God) one iota of good. It might give you a personal feeling of superiority – as if only you know what is “right” to have that emotion but it’s not doing anyone any good.

My peace is a product of God’s grace – it’s not of my own doing.

While I have certainly followed-up (outside of liturgy) on those things that I can effect change upon, with God’s grace they don’t make me angry/resentful/etc. like they certainly do many here during they Mass. On those things I cannot effect change immediately through more practical avenues my response is now prayer, not anger/dismay.

“…at least we were all at Mass.” That’s the WHOLE point! The Mass (or other Catholic sacrificial liturgy) is SO PROFOUND that with God’s grace it will FAR OVERSHADOW the things we discuss on this forum.

Shocked about what? If your focus was truly on the supernatural sacrifice one could ask how you even noticed what bothered you.

Once the “Traditional” and “modern” labels come out I quickly lose interest. Good luck.

I don’t have this feeling of “superiority”. I don’t know why people like to think just because we think the traditional liturgy is right we feel “superior”. I don’t think I’m infallible. So please don’t act like I’m condescending in any way. In fact, I feel there is certainly a place for the OF. Why is it so ridiculous that the TLM should be used? Why does this automatically imply that we are uncharitable and unloving?

I always pray every night for those things I can’t control. I trust that God has already heard our prayers. However, on those things I can control, I do my best to try and end them. It isn’t out of resentment, but for love of God. Remember, God works through people. He isn’t going to come down on Mt. Sinai and tell us to use the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. :stuck_out_tongue:

I admit though, I do get upset when I see us trying to entertain ourselves, right in the presence of God in the Eucharist? Is it really that ridiculous? That I may become a little upset when I see people abusing the Body of Our Lord? The one who suffered so heavily on the cross? The one who took shame, mortification, and abuse enough? And now we have to abuse him even more in the form of liturgical abuse? Am I that crazy if I get a little emotional when I see this?

There are such things as liturgical abuses. We shouldn’t sit back and let them happen when we don’t have to. It’s not just me thinking that I am superior and that my understanding is superior. I just want us to follow what the GIRM and Magisterium tells us. That I DO consider superior. So if I have a superiority complex, then so do they.

God bless you. :wink:

An interesting dichotomy. I agree with what you said in the first post, but can’t someone gravitate to a more traditional Mass for the same reason, i.e., it makes them feel good? I have seen some even post that they would not go to any Mass that was no the TLM. Judging Mass by the way one feels about it occurs as much for the feeling of reverence as it is for the feeling of happiness.

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