Modern rap is sinful?

Alright, I have a confession. Whenever I work out, fight (as in MMA), etc. I like to use rap music as a way to stay “pumped up”. When I say rap I mean 50 Cent, Tupac, Lil Scrappy, etc.

Now, I realize rap tends to contain lots of swearing, senseless violence, sexual explicity, etc. I do not agree with these lyrics, I just like the songs as way to stay on edge. I cannot do Christian music. I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t work for me.

I realize rap sort of contradicts my conservative Catholic viewpoints on ways of life, so is it hypocritical of me to frequently listen to rap?

I would like to point out that rap very rarely insults God directly or abuses His name. It has its faults, but I almost never hear Jesus’s name being degraded.

Now heavy metal on the other hand seems to focus on hating God.

I don’t question the genre, I question your taste :wink: 50 Cent? Really? :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want recommendations, my favorites are Public Enemy, Canibus, NWA, and Del tha Funky Homosapien.

How about that nice little Christian rap-rock band, P.O.D.? LOVE their music! And they steer clear from lyrics that glorify money, sex, fame, etc.

50 is pretty mainstream, but he has a few good ones.

Not an NWA fan personally:p

Modern rap is just pornography. The clean rappers don’t have a high enough profile to be relevant.

maybe not, but His children are being degraded through these lyrics. do you think that doesn’t affect Him directly?

May not degrade the good Lord, but how about what the good Lord created?


Check out the others I mentioned. They’re all a cut above the b******'n’bling stuff that’s popular nowadays (and that 50 exemplifies :stuck_out_tongue: ). Canibus remains the only rapper I’ve ever heard namedrop Noam Chomsky.

Del - Mistadobalina (one of his really early hits)

Anything that normalizes or glorifies sinful behavior is sinful in itself.

try some older music. I find that back then, they did not refer to alot of the stuff that people refer to today. I like to listen to music from Footloose and other movies from the time period. It’s fast paced, morally correct, and not all that bad.

Yes, you’re committing a terrible sin :mad:

… your ears are begging for mercy! :smiley:

While I might dislike rap personally, I don’t see why it would be sinful at all for you to listen to it. As long as you’re not doing the stuff mentioned, if you believe it to be sinful, what would be a problem?

Rappers are absolute slime. They glorify murder, support gang life, hate women, and condone drug use.

My advice, listen to some techno. All the rap sounds and beats without the horrible lyrics.

Quite the sweeping generalization from someone who obviously isn’t inclined to investigate the genre too deeply, isn’t it?

Quite the sweeping generalization from someone who obviously isn’t inclined to investigate the genre too deeply, isn’t it?

I agree…

Moreover, not all modern rap is about sex, drugs, and violence–only the vast majority of what is popularized. There are skilled rappers that are in the “Christian” genre (and some not-so-good ones, too).

I for one love Matisyahu, a Hasidic Jew that raps about his faith, but he’s really more reggae.

But then again, my musical taste could be considered a bit… well, eccentric at times… :rolleyes:

Another group I discovered recently is the Blue Scholars – a little mellow for workout music, maybe, but check this gem out: Ordinary Guys.

I challenge anyone to be offended at that.

You’ve practically answered your own question.
You say you “realize rap tends to contain lots of swearing, senseless violence, sexual explicity, etc.” But you cannot do Christian music - it doesn’t work for you? Okay - I’m thinking you mean in the ring - when you’re working out - yes? And “Christian” music doesn’t have the same punch - right?

But would you use the language used in those rap numbers? Would you use the sexual explicity in daily discussion, etc.? Trust me, I’m no prude - but there’s a limit. I’ve heard the stuff, and it’s to be avoided. What’s more precious - a good workout or your soul? It’s either right - or it’s wrong.

The beat may be good for working out - but the content - isn’t.
By playing it, you give others the impression you’re the type of person who condones the message in the music. And as you’re working out, whether you realize it or not, ***your fists may be concentrating on their target - but your mind is being bombarded ***with the swearing and explicity that as a Catholic/Christian you should avoid like the plague. It’s like subliminal message - that plays music with a hidden message in the background…Only you’re not trying to hide it - you’re listening to it.

Re-think your training. I pray you can find some other music that will help you have successful workouts. (maybe the 1812 Overture? LOL)

Quite the smart *** input from some bleeding heart agnostic who has never had a close friend die from their ties to the rap world. So please do go on about what you know about me…

If you’d said that two weeks ago you might have been correct :frowning:

So please do go on about what you know about me…

Item: you dismiss all rappers as ‘absolute slime’ with a repertoire of a few morally abhorrent (or at least abhorrent in your eyes) topics.

Item: plenty of rappers talk about completely different things than you claim they do: Sage Francis, Blue Scholars, Public Enemy, Del, Canibus, Run-DMC, et cetera, et cetera. They don’t glorify misogyny, abuse, gangsta culture, or any of that.

Conclusion: you’re talking out of your hat.

Exactly. They rap about life – poitive or negative. Listening to that kind of music and those rappers is an experience

I’m sick of all these 17 year old rappers today that just rap about how much money they’ve got from a song they didn’t even write.

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