Modern things you've NEVER done


I was just wondering what modern things you've never taken part in... not something you've quit, but what you've never even started.

I have never been on Facebook.

I have never used an ATM. Never. Really. My husband gets cash from the bank when we need it and we never wait until we are out to get some more.

I have never used a fax machine.

Anyone else in the dark ages like me?


Ditto Facebook.
And, I have never been in a Starbucks, never seen Seinfeld, never used my iPod to take a picture, never used a pneumatic tool.


Never read an E-book, never used “Netflix”, don’t have a HD/Plasma/whatever TV.


I don’t have a laptop.

I’ve never touched an iPod.

I have a DumbPhone.

My digital camera uses XD cards.

I grind my coffee in a separate grinder.

In 2008, I had a gaming rig with an AGP graphics card and DDR1 memory. Stuff actually still pwns new games but is no longer in active use by anybody.

I don’t have a girlfriend.


let’s see…

I’m not on facebook

never been to Starbucks

never had a fancy cell phone

I’ve never read a book on the computer…I still read “real” books

don’t have netflix


The worst case of buyers remorse I ever had in my life was trading in my old, somewhat analog “carrier-pigeons” type phone to a “smart phone”. I despise it with every essence of my being, and I am fairly convinced that by using it as much as I do, God is punishing me for something.


Hmm, does your phone look like this by any chance:

Or this :smiley:

I, too, am not – and have no desire to ever be – on Facebook.

Can’t say I never used an ATM… but I can say I haven’t used one in over 20 years.

I *have *used a fax machine. Here at work, we have copier/fax/scanner all rolled into one.

That said, I never had an iPod or other portable MP3 player.


Mine is a Sony Ericsson t610, though I’ve had a newer model until it broke and I reverted.


No Facebook

No Twitter

No internet, texting, twitter on my cell (it was a tremendous feat to have a cell!)

No flat screen (not my choice :o )

No Blue Tooth

Will I ever survive? :eek:


[quote="CatholicFireman, post:9, topic:245181"]
No Facebook

No internet, texting, twitter on my cell (it was a tremendous feat to have a cell!)



That's why you da man! :thumbsup:


You mean Da Caveman!


Just don’t go on those Godawful Geico commericals.


My list would be so long… to give a general idea, I’m not “hip” to the latest in computers; I don’t watch modern TV or movies; I don’t date (I’m celibate); I don’t use social networking sites (except ones like this); the list goes on.


[quote="Rascalking, post:12, topic:245181"]
Just don't go on those Godawful Geico commericals.


I'm not metrosexual. ;)


I haven’t either, but it’s for the same reason I’ve never used a typewriter - they’re not modern, they’re ancient! :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve never even actually seen a genuine fax machine in real life, just combination printer/scanner/fax machines.

I’ve never been on Foursquare, have never used Skype, and there are several video game consoles I’ve never played. That’s about all I can think of. I guess I’m more modern than I thought.


Don’t worry, in 2011 you can use a fax machine with the complete confidence you’re not participating in any modern activity. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have never been on Facebook.

Up until a year or so ago, I hadn’t used an ATM. Hubby usually gets cash from the bank when we need it too, but for some reason (I don’t remember why), he asked me to do it for him that time. He told me how to do it, so I got the cash for us that time.


Isn’t Foursquare still a game you play by drawing a large square on the ground with chalk, then making 4 smaller sqaures within it and play a game with a big bouncey ball:blush: That’s what it was when I was a kid:blush:


ive never owned a cell phone :blush: and ive never used a computer in my life :p :wink:


Never texted, do no own an e-book, have a cheapo Trac phone so no camera or apps in (on?) my phone and no blue tooth. No Twitter, don't have a GPS but I have played around with my dads. Oh yeah I asked for a MP3 player for Christmas but still haven't actually used it yet.

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