Modernism and the Luminous Mysteries

I wasn’t sure exactly where to put this, but I think in this forum it might generate some discussion.

This kind of hit me the other day as I was explaining what modernism actually was to someone. My assertion is that the Luminous mysteries were instituted as a medicine for Modernism and Neo-Modernism and other errors of our day.

The main modernist errors were a denial of these truths (see here among other sources): the historical truth of the Gospels, the reality of the miracles performed in them, the Divinity of Christ, the fact that Christ’s Church is a concrete reality and not an ideal to be realized by man, the fact that sacraments were instituted by Christ, especially the necessity of baptism and it’s divine origin. Other errors of our time include secular pseudo-messianism, a rejection of Marian devotion, and a lack of faith in the Real Presence. All of these are countered by meditation on the Luminous mysteries.

While even deeper truths can be arrived at through meditation, even the “superficial” significance of these mysteries counter the above:

**Baptism of Our Lord: **the sacrament of Baptism was instituted by Christ as necessary, God declared Christ to be His Son and thereby Divine

**Miracle at Cana: **affirms the fact of Christ’s miracles, shows the efficacy of Marian intercession

**Proclamation of the Kingdom: **counters secular messianism where man creates through his efforts the perfect society, including the Church, and that these things do not exist yet. On the contray the Kingdom and Church are realities already despite human frailty and sin. This also supports Christ’s Divinity.

**Transiguration of Our Lord: **the truth of miracles and the Divinity of the Lord

**Institution of the Holy Eucharist: **the Real Presence, Christ instituted the Blessed Sacrament

All emphasize the historical truth of the Gospels as well.

Any thoughts?

I never thought about the Luminous Mysteries that way…you make some great points!:thumbsup:

Meditating on the Luminous Mysteries can definitely be a very effective way of countering modernism. In fact, I think meditating on all the mysteries can be a way of countering modernism because, well, they’re mysterious, and the modern world rejects the mysterious.

Ultimately, the best medicine for modernism and all other evils is Christ.

Yes, a very good post! :thumbsup:

Modernism denies all metaphysical realities. Every thing for them must have a temporal answer

What excellent insight, Genesis315! :slight_smile: :cool: :thumbsup:

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