Modernized Mass?

Here in the Philippines spome of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass shown in television are somewhat modified. The extraordinary Ministers at the back of the priest during liturgy of the Eucharist. Raising of hands and sometime clapping of hands are noted.

I think the Vatican must suppress this practice here in the Philippines. The Liturgy is not the same as that of a protestant worship service. This is the liturgy of many saints and martyrs. This is a sacrifice and not celebration. Mother Angelica said that St. John and Mary is not dancing or singing merrily at the foot of the cross so we must not also dance and sing merrily during the Sacrifice of the Mass.

Correct me if i am wrong. Isn’t it the mass is a worship to GOD and should be towerd God and not toward ourselves? We are the worshippers and not GOD.

Many redicals say that Latin should be abolished for only few people can understand latin. Why? To whom we pray these latin prayers in which many holy people have used as prayers? Is this for us (who cannot understand latin) or to God who understand all language?

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What we have forgotten is the Mass does in NO way centered around us, but the Sacrifice that is being offered to the Father. We have become entirely to self centered and are more worried how we feel or how we will be uncomfortable or how we may not understand something. It seems that there are many Catholics today who understand very little about the Faith. They go though the motions out of obligation only and not a true and sincere love of God.

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