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Seeing as some of the jumper threads have resurfaced, I thought it would be a great idea to create a thread of modest clothing resources

Here are some lovely dresses, skirts, and full slips.

Lots & lots of links to all kinds of sites with modest clothing. (Likewise…not as many, but some not on the other site).

Another good thing to do, is to google “tznius”. Tznius means Jewish modesty, & there are some lovely, lovely clothes on sites for Orthodox Jewish women. Many more stylish than some other places.


If you sew I really like the Sense and Sensibility Regency gown pattern. You can make it a million different ways, and its very easy. The website even has some photo instructions and videos to help.

Also this newlook skirt pattern is another very easy one and it works with a variety of fabric types, I like that it is flared so its easy to move in without having a slit, although unless you are very tall you probably don’t need as much fabric as suggested. I took over 4" of the length of the pattern and I’m 5’6" and it still hits my ankles.

Although I’ve never bought from any of them, there are a lot of LDS/ Mormon modest clothing sites with pretty modern clothing.

This is from a flier I picked up for this site:

“Modesty is a virtue, it is a classic: always exquisite always in style, always in “Audrey Hepburn-good taste.” Modesty is like the little black dress, a timeless standard with which you can never go wrong. Famous designers around the world are finally recognizing this. Layering is in, and hemlines are down. However, finding modest clothes that are fashionable can still be quite challenging. The quest for modest clothes is dramatically simplified by layering our basic shirt or cami, with tops that otherwise might be too short, too revealing, or sheer. Jil Designs offers a variety of versatile pieces to meet the needs of every modest fashionista.”


I think there clothes are cute but, they are a bit expensive. They have good sales, though.

Swing Era Dress (I wear a camisole underneath it to maintain modesty)

that sounds life fun esp. for us Jane Austen fans, but be careful not to choose many of the fabrics which were popular for this style in Regency England, some of which were very sheer and worn with minimal foundation garments at some times and places, and some versions, esp. for evening wear, exposed a great deal more bosom than would be acceptable even today.

You are quite right! The style does tend to be rather low cut especially in the back. I have the neckline supplement which has a variety of more modest cuts for the bodice. I find the front is okay on me but I like to use the jewel neck bodice back. In truth you don’t need the supplement as I have modified the bodice practically each time I have made the dress, its very simple. As for fabrics, I’m not going for period correct as I make them for everyday living. The last one I made I took out all the back gathers (it is quite modern) but the site does mention lining the dress with an opaque fabric and making the dress out of a sheer overlay. It sounds quite pretty. As for foundations I have no problem wearing modern day underpinnings, the style doesn’t require short stays.

As a little side note, I used the regency pattern to make a costume of Mercedes from The Count of Monte Cristo movie using very cheap red cotton and inexpensive trim. I’ve also made nightgowns from the pattern, its very versatile! :thumbsup:

Peace In Him,

I’ve been thinking about buying this pattern, is it easy? What does it close with? The Regency pattern is written to close with back buttons which are near impossible for a girl to manage on her own, I put in a zipper.

Peace in Him,

I work in an office and I try to dress modestly with blouses that button up and some kind of nice sweater or jacket when cool. I love classic blazers (lined, made of linen or a wool blend), but for the life of me can’t find a pattern nor can I find them in the local dept. stores! I need help finding a plus size pattern for a simple, classic cut, lined blazer. Also, I’ve never done the jumper thing before, but I might look into jumpers.

does this help?

Just what I was going to recommend. I have found some really cute skirts on their clearance rack at the mall.

wow, I’m really having a hard time getting your first link work. :frowning:

I just figured it out. Try this:

ooooo…I like that!

Sears is having an AWESOME sale right now.
I just ordered a few knitted skirts for them, and boy! Are they comfy!!! And Just below my knee. On taller ladies, I would say they are knee length.

Apparently, Labor Day weekend is going to be even crazier sales! Clothing

Oh My! Thank you Thank you! I just bought two skirts and a blouse for less than $21 including shipping! :bounce: I needed some more fall/winter clothes, or at least that is how I’m justifying it.


I buy a lot of things from and These catalogs appeal more to us over-40 types, but some of their clothes could be worn by women of any age. And has nice, modest clothes available for all ages, but they are a bit more expensive.

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: Those women in Iraq seem to have everything covered.

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