Modest clothing stores?


Do you guys (or, I mean, ladies) know any good clothing stores that sell modest clothing for younger women/teens?

The websites where young teens get their clothes now are so incredibly immodest.....!!!

There are some good modest clothing on but it's wayyyyyyyyy too costly. Typically, clothes in clothing stores that market themselves as modest are kind of ... redundant (by that I mean, I don't really find anything I like, and I usually look for more simple and classic designs... like this). And not really modest sometimes.

Any tips.......?

Not just for me, but for my friends, and their sisters, and our students...


I forget the name, but I know there's a whole "modest brand" at least here in the US. Specifically for young ladies and teens. When I talk to my fiance I'll ask her what it was called again, she would remember these kinds of things.


I have found that most things need to be triued on so shopping online doesn't work very well for us. I also don't shop at too many trendy places. My daughter is very modest naturally (thanks be to God!) and she doesn't worry too much about being "in fashion" as much as wanting to look nice. That said, we shop at Target for basics and venture into mall stores for the other things (camis or tanks under shirts can really save an otherwise unwearable outfit). H&M is new favorite of hers. A bit pricey, but nice for the special outfit. Aeropostale is nowhere near as bad as other teen stores, as least around here. We'll also look in regular department stores like Kohl's.


My wife and daughters like Chadwicks.. About 90% of their dresses are modest.


Since you've checked out a website from here, you might want to try this one as well. They have not gone into skimpy clothes as most have.

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