Modest exercise clothing?

What do you suggest for modest as well as practical exercise clothing?

I usually where mid-thigh length shorts and t-shirts or tank tops, but my boyfriend insists that my shorts are too short and when I wear yoga or running pants he says they are too tight. He suggested I wear men’s basketball shorts, but they are heavy and, to be honest, make feel a bit masculine. Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

I like to wear capri length sweat pants. Like gauchos. But honestly, if you think your clothes are modest and are comfortable in them, wear those. What you described does not sound immodest. Your boyfriend sounds a bit…controlling. It’s not like you want to wear a spots bra and booty shorts.

I say wear what makes you feel most comfortable and facilitates the best work-out.

To be quite honest, I would consider making a change, but it certainly would not be to what I am wearing to work-out in. :cool:

Your current workout clothes would be my suggestion.

Wear what you want to wear, your BF is being an over protective control freak.

Modesty is not merely about the clothes themselves, but about context. Swimmers are immodest to wear to church, the shops, or someone’s home, but are appropriate to wear at the pool or beach. Workout cloths may be immodest to wear out and about too, but are appropriate (within reason) to wear to the gym. What you describe sounds fine.

What you are wearing sounds modest to me. the control issue is another problem. Better to negotiate that now rather than let it go on. It can get much worse. Time to see if he can be reasonable.

I agree with underacloud

Honestly as a lust-sufferer, when I’m in the gym and I see a woman wear mid-thigh shorts or yoga/tight pants…I don’t notice because I’m too focused on my own workout routine. However if a woman wears those things outside of a gym…I’m lookin’

What you describe I wouldn’t consider immodest because of the context. Just like anp1215 said, its not like you are wearing a sports bra and booty shorts.

And I agree with the rest of the other women, you BF does sound a little controlling.

I don’t think your boyfriend sounds controlling. Men do think differently than women. If her boyfriend thinks other men might be lusting after her and putting other men in danger of sinning, it would probably be best to not wear a tank top and maybe a t-shirt. Do you work out with your boyfriend? Maybe your choice of clothing is causing him to sin and lust after you. We have to think of others when we dress! I once heard a sermon that women should never show their shoulders, wear a top no lower than two fingertips from her collarbone, and wear something long enough to cover your knees when you sit down. This could be dressing guidelines for mass, but I’d advise to at least cover your shoulders and not wear a tight fitting top! :slight_smile: Definitely stay away from tight fitting yoga pants. I wear a t shirt and loose capri sweat pants to the gym. :thumbsup:

Since men can’t seem to control their thoughts,
just wear a burqa and be done with it…:rolleyes:


As a guy I want to thank you for your charity :rolleyes:

I DO credit men with brains, you missed the dripping sarcasm.

Hello Miss (I assumed you were a girl from what is in your post :)),

If I may speak honestly with you, I struggle much with shorts that are mid thigh. In fact, I know lots of guys that do. The fact is, as soon as you go above the knee, it is very tempting. And yes, when a girl wears very tight pants that emphasize her form, that too is very tempting. It is also something that stays with a guy and bugs them for the rest of the day making them more prone to impure thoughts. Especially for some of my friends who are struggling with impurity, this is a major issue.

So what I suggest is wear gym pants like the ones guys wear. They have a relaxed fit and is actually comfortable for you too. It also doesn’t put anyone in to temptation. Just don’t wear something super tight. Get a normal size.

The priest in this sermon speaks about what forms of dress is tempting to men and how to avoid it. It might be helpful to you as well in deciding something for gym as well as your day to day life.

Sorry I forgot to put a :stuck_out_tongue: at the end of mine. Mine was also sarcastic.

Excellent reply :thumbsup: what I was trying to get at in my reply above

You need to work more on overcoming your weakness – instead of turning women into scapegoats.

Oh boy this thread is quickly devolving into one of those threads again.


I strongly disagree with this advice. Dressing immodestly can certainly be a grave matter sufficient for mortal sin.

I would consider looking at the kind of clothes that women wear in organized sports such as soccer and basketball. I, personally, find that these women dress respectably and what they wear looks to be comfortable yet stylish. :slight_smile:

If you are a good looking female you can wear trash bags held together with duct tape, guys at the gym are still going to look.

above the knee , below the knee, tank tops, shirts, men shorts, sweat shirts, sweat pants, capri pants, regular shirts, shirts that expose clevage to a degree, what ever

doesn’t matter; if someone finds you attractive at the gym, you will get noticed.

plus think about this, some women work really hard to get to where they are at, so the gym is a place among many to show off, and why not, they earned it. if one can not show off at the gym, men or women, then everyone needs to cover up at the beach as well, men need to put on shirts and women wear one piece suits or the outfits before say 1955.

I go to the gym enough to spot the show boats, gym rats, juice heads, people that are there to really lose weight or are in some kind of athletic training and everything in between.

it boils down to insecurity if ones boyfriend is requesting his girlfriend to cover up or wear something that doesnt accent her assets.

now if one is dressing to get a reaction out of the boyfriend, because she knows it upsets him or she knows he has some insecurities then that is a different story i suppose.

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