Modest Fitness Videos?

Does anyone know of some MODEST fitness videos – meaning ones in which the people keep their (sweat)shirts on, NOT halter tops, etc? Language in it must be modest also.

YouTube has quite a few workout videos that are specific to certain areas/types of training that you might want to check out. If you don’t like something about the video, you can easily switch to another.

Yea there are literally tons of fitness videos on youtube. You’d have to specify what area of fitness your talking about. Really my main focus is the fitness information they are saying. As long as there isn’t anything too flirty or immodest I tend to watch and disregard any immoral comments.

I like this guys stuff.
Pretty much anything by Mark Riptoe is pretty top notch stuff.

I also like these two channels but yea the guys often have their shirts off. :shrug: :smiley:

People work out in sweatshirts?

Even though in retrospect the name (“sweat shirt”) seems like you would, I rarely see people doing this. They are so dang hot!!! Maybe for going running outside in the winter or something…

I wear a cotton T-shirt and shorts. I don’t see the point in working out shirtless, a t-shirt absorbs the sweat at least and feeling a barbell against your bare skin isn’t the most pleasant thing. I don’t workout in a sweatshirt unless I am doing something outside in cold weather.

I meant fitness videos for WOMEN, because my wife insists on getting such that have immodest women on the covers; I want to recommend/purchase MODEST ones for her.

But, thanks, I will try youtube.

Exercises for women aren’t really different then for men. I understand what you saying though. Do check out youtube though, there is a ton of stuff on there, almost confusing at times though.

I’m confused. So you are afraid of your wife getting turned on by the female workout coaches in the videos? You do realize that women who take gym in high school, college and at the local gym strip naked in communal locker rooms before dressing, showering and redressing? Most of us just don’t look but in any case - we have seen other naked women. Has your wife never seen another naked woman?

Most women’s workout garb is high-tech sweat wicking - much more hygienic and comfortable than the old-fashioned cotton t-shirts and shorts. And its easier to see how the muscle groups are supposed to work in tight fitting garb rather than bulky garb. That’s why dancers wear practice leotards. Those old-fashioned cotton shorts caused no end of chafing and rash problems “back in the day.” Thank goodness for bike and rowing shorts and sports bras.

The Pope has spoken on this and said it is fine and appropriate for athletes to wear appropriate garb for their sport, even if such might be considered immodest in other circumstances.

If you yourself are turned on by watching your wife’s workout vids, then get into your own track garb and go for a run instead of watching.

Would a turtleneck leotard with long sleeves be a modest-enough outfit? It seems to me that leotard-clad women over the age of 25 are hard to come by these days.

I don’t really see the need for immodest working out attire. I just wear a T-shirt and some type of pants with a flexible material. Whatever :shrug:

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