Modest swimwear for women

Today’s Apologist question about modest swimwear inspired me to check out my favorite store, Anthropologie.

One Piece Swimsuits at Anthropologie

These definitely aren’t bargain buys (they run $138 - $346) but if any of you are like me, you’re willing to pay a premium for style! These are definitely a cut above the standard “tank suit” and might just convince me to finally give up my bikinis. :blush:

Oooh! Send me the Ebony Garden! There’s nothing like a pretty, busy floral to disguise figure flaws!

Proof that I spend too much time here. The other morning I was watching “Caillou” with my little one. There was a beach scene, and Caillou’s mom was in a bathing suit…

I thought, “That’s a modest bathing suit” For those who don’t know…she’s a cartoon character.:doh2:

I clicked on the link but I couldn’t find any swimsuits. :confused:

I actually like the “Natalie” one. Very cute. :smiley:

I gotta say. Not bad, not bad… and this is coming from a guy who’s often apprehensive towards threads like this. Those one-pieces are actually kind cute. :o

Eh . . . I’ll keep my Lands End swim suit.

I’ve always thought these places had cute swimwear too. (some more modest than others)

I really like this one from Mod Cloth, may have to consider it for post-baby, seems like it would hide any extra flab well

A one piece does not necessarily make it modest. The cut of the crotch is no better than a two piece.

Sorry, I like to actually SWIM, sail, etc. in a swimsuit, so I can’t wear a wetsuit, “swim skirt,” or burka to the beach. :shrug: Can you show us some examples of what you think are “modest” swimwear for women that won’t result in a drowning?

I think there are plenty of modest swimwear debates already on here! What one thinks is modest another won’t.

I’m used to wearing bikinis, so really, the ones I’ve linked to are more modest for myself.

I guess though that I tend not to be super traditional in this topic though.

I can see people saying that true modest swimwear would be boardshorts and perhaps a rash guard. Although rash guards tend to cling to your skin when wet anyways.

Seeing as how shorts are also considered immodest by some people I’ve seen on these threads, you’d think swimming was a bad idea in of itself. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree that a debate in this thread would be redundant and frustrating for all parties. I only posted because I found swimwear that, for me, is a nice compromise between bikinis and wetsuits. If someone thinks these swimsuits are immodest, he can choose not to purchase one and wear it! :shrug:

LOL @ Lost Wanderer! :slight_smile:

One time, while sailing with my father, our boat capsized AND his life jacket zipper broke. He had to alternate between treading water and clinging to the boat for approx 6 hours while waiting for a rescue boat to find us. We were lucky–it could have been days before we were found.

Because of this, I will not engage in water sports while wearing clothing that would prevent me from treading water indefinitely. Honestly, I’m pretty sure anything that is truly “modest” would be unsafe.

If I am going to swim (like actually swim laps) I prefer a suit like this.

For more recreational “swimming” while pregnant, I got a tankini with a short skirted bottom to hide the backside area.

lol so true, so true. I don’t think I’m traditional enough for these debates!

I personally just really like the look of the suits modeled after the vintage ones.

I was able to find modest swimwear at stores like Target. I once saw a girl wearing one from there, and it was high-cut with a small “skirt” low on her hips, so it provided some sense of upper leg privacy. It also had a vintage style to it, too.

I think the best way to find modest swimwear is to go out to the stores and look at styles, and then try them on to see how they fit.

As someone already mentioned, Land’s End is the best for good, well made and modest swimwear. The best thing is the choices of tops and bottoms, which is great if your top and bottom are different sizes. Their bottoms also come in swim shorts and skirts.

Yes, there actually is a call by some traditional Catholics that we should abandon all swimming or at least swimming in public. At home only and no mixed swimming, i.e. boys only together and then girls only together.

$138 - $346 :bigyikes:

It may not be on the “cutting edge” of style, but I think this one is cute, and pretty modest, too! :thumbsup:

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