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It is increasingly difficult to find swimsuits that are modest. With summer approaching, I am considering getting a new one. Last time it took literally several days and a dozen stores to find what I was looking for. Now that I have a little one I do not have time to search around for one like before, and have been doing mostly online shopping, of which is still difficult to find anything :frowning: … here is the only one I have found so far: … I have never spent this kind of money on a swimsuit, so it’d be nice to have options if i did! Where have you found modest swimwear? Any suggestions? :tanning:

Wow, even the swim dresses from 1920 look better than the suit shown. Lands End has great looking modest one piece suits that are modern looking and the same price. I think that going to the extreme in either direction when it comes to modesty is a huge mistake, you end up being scadelous.:eek:

What is your criteria for ‘modest?’

I don’t know where to find more swimsuits like that one. I would try looking at “vintage” styled stores for a “swim dress”

These all (except Modcloth is vintage) call themselves “modest”, but like PP stated, it depends on what modesty means to you.

My daughter usually wears Lands End or LL Bean swim skirts with a short sleeved rash guard. I also like it because it protects her fair skin from the sun. I have a long sleeved rash guard I like to wear with a swim skirt I found at Sears. My daughter is 11 and has always worn these kind of suits. She has never been made fun of, since it just looks like a swim skirt and a t-shirt. My mother-in-law does mock my long sleeved shirt, but I don’t care. I like to be covered on top and also need to keep the sun off me.

L.L. Bean

Girls Swimwear from Lands’ End

Hannah Andersson has some swim skirts, swim shorts, and rash guard tops. You can buy the pieces separately.

Coolibar - Sun Protective Clothing
These guys have a lot of sun protective clothing, tops, pants, and swimwear. Rash guards, swim skirts, even swim leggings. Their skirts are longer than LL Bean & Lands End.

Also do a search on Amazon. Search for: rash guard, swim tee, swim shirt, surf shirt.

Sears, and Walmart have some modest swim suits.

If you don’t mind a two piecer, you can also match a modest top with a modest bottom, that could be a a great idea in order to find the swim suit that will match your needs. I know on sears they have several tops and bottoms that you can do this. You will have to go through many duds to find it. But I found a nice modest top that you could easily match with a bottom which has a skirt. I know some of the lingerie stores also sell swimsuits as well. Up here in Quebec, the stores are different but I have seen some very nice suits.

You will need to spend a little but considering what you wish. It is better to spend a little more and cover the areas you wish verses going cheap and have something fall apart later.

Hint: be patient and start looking now since the stores are beginning to receive new stock weekly. You will eventually find the right one. If you like it, buy two or if you select a two piecer, you can also buy four pieces which you can mix and match to create several cute and modest looks.

If you are needing a swimsuit specifically to nurse in, here are some. If the bottoms are too high cut for your comfort, Target sells swimshorts and swimskirts separately in basic colors that would likely match these tank suits

If you are really limited on funds (as I usually am), a tank top worn over a nursing bra (or a nursing tank top) and swimshorts or a swimskirt would be just fine. Walmart probably carries those, too.

If you don’t need one specifically for nursing access, these are really cute and modest and again you can add swimshorts or a swimskirt for extra coverage.

I believe it is wise to be modest even at the beach. I cannot, as a man, believe the skimpy bikinis being worn by nice girls at the beach. The number of stories of them coming off in the strong Aussie surf keeps a lot of us on the lookout to assist such damsels in distress.
But I believe that a simple one piece is quite modest and doesn’t create problems for good Christians at the beach, especially if she wears a cover all out of the water to save her skin.
You don’t need a neck to knee to be modest. But your aspirations are commendable.
I wouldn’t buy the model you have in your post.

I like the Bathing Beauty one piece from Modcloth. I’m glad they still carry it.

Try Land’s End or L. L. Bean, they carry modest swimwear.

If you’ll pardon my expressing my very humble opinion that suit is gosh-awful ugly.

I’m sure you can find a modest one piece (or two piece with boy shorts) that covers the necessary parts without making you looking as if you escaped from 1910. Something like this is lovely, feminine and modest - not to mention reasonably priced:

You can also wear a one piece with nylon shorts and a t-shirt over it, which covers you up while not calling undue attention to yourself.

There are plenty of options without going around the bend to frumpiness.

I likey!!

I wear female “board shorts” type of bottoms. They come down to mid-thigh. I pair that with a yoga style exercise top. What I love about this combination is that I can enjoy the water and jet skiing, beach sports etc. without worrying about parts of my body being accidently exposed.

I would consider this modest…

It has a detachable strap around the neck, too.
Pricey, but they last.

Thank you all! This helps incredibly, and there were some I saw that were cute! (and no I didn’t want to have to get the one I posted, hehe it just happened to be one I saw in an email from someone, but the most modest I’ve seen). Being modest these days has been difficult, but I also know I don’t want to look goofy when going out in public! What I’ve been looking for is something with about one inch straps, and possibly swim shorts is ideal for me, whether one or two piece. Everyone had such great suggestions.

Modern isn’t the issue. Modesty requires proper covering. Light-skinned women should be especially concerned. A two-piece that resembles shorts, and has a top as opposed to a bra, would be acceptable.

To quote a beauty contestant acquaintance of mine: “Bikinis look like underwear and I don’t want people seeing me in my underwear in public.”

I have sworn off going to the beach for any reason. Those poor girls have been brainwashed to believe exposing 90+% of their body is OK. That’s wrong. Modesty is not about a date on a calendar. Just think about yourself and not what others might think.

Modesty is a virtue, and that goes for men as well.


I definitely agree. I personally would be embarrassed to wear what people in public do, chastity and modesty has been thrown out the door… I do not want to be looked at like that anyway

In terms of $$, when it comes to swimsuits it depends on how often you use it.

My kids are on a swim team, and we have to buy the more expensive suits because they last longer.

In other words, $$ is often an indication of the quality of the fabric and construction.

Our son wears long, cycling-style trunks and the girls wear one-piece racing suits.

If it’s straps that you’re looking for try this website over the coming weeks.

I’ve seen cap sleeve swimsuits here before that are really cute. They don’t have a lot right now but I expect a new swim collection out soon.

I thought that I was the only one that thought that the suit was ugly! :shrug: :eek:

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