Modest workout clothes?


*Sort of a spin off of Cathy's "modest pants" thread...I was wondering what you all might consider to be ''modest'' exercise clothes? I typically work out at home, but sometimes jog outside...and normally wear a spandex/cotton blend capri pant with a tee shirt...not tight, but not loose...sort of like ''under armor'' for men, but not as tight. I never wear tank tops...just don't like them, really. I don't want to dress immodestly would like some help in what might be a) comfortable and light weight for sweating reasons but b) modest. I live in FL, if that helps, it will be warming up something awful here I don't have a need for hoodies, like I did back up north. (hoodies for working out) I often buy my workout clothes from Target...but if you have other ideas, feel free to share.

Look forward to your thoughts. Thanks!*


I’m pretty sensitive to heat so I don’t understand how you can run in the summer in Florida in capri pants and a t-shirt. I live in Canada and in the summer I only wear short sleeveless dresses made out of thin and breathable material. Capri pants and t-shirt is only something I’ll wear if it’s in the 60’s!

I think if you want to be modest maybe consider wearing shorts that are short but baggy, and maybe a sports bra with a baggy tank top over it?


Thanks flyingfish...ha, the capris are really lightweight...Target makes some great ones, interestingly enough! I don't like baggy tanks, and tees...largely, because it bogs my jogging down, if I'm running outside. Now, it's pretty nice here for workouts, but in the summer, when it's smotheringly hot...I will use the treadmill at home, and then I wear whatever I can grab quickly after work...haha I like the baggy shorts maybe girls basketball kind?? On another note, in the heat of the should see how people are dressed running on the nature trail around here...:eek: I'm not a prude, but most of the shirts, and the women? Running literally with nothing else but sportsbras on...but, I don't want to judge...I just think they might be comfortable in that, but pretty skimpy, indeed! :blush: I'm glad that I'm Catholic (for many reasons, but this is one), because the faith teaches us to be cognizant of those around you, and not wanting to be a near occasion of sin for another's eyes. :o


Maybe something like this:


I like those…:slight_smile:


I like the baggy shirts myself, but I know what you mean about them slowing you down. OTOH, just as some competitive swimmers train wearing two swimsuits, the extra drag can give you a more intense workout, even if it’s not the most comfortable outfit.

The gym suits we wore back in the 1960’s were cool, comfortable, and modest, except for being a bit on the short side. But they were butt-ugly! We had the ones shown in the bottom photo on the linked page. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyone else remember these?


Under Armour does have workout gear that's not fitted. I'm not into the whole 'Globo Gym' look either. :p


*:rotfl: I didn’t have to wear those…but I remember the ugliest shorts and plain white shirts…the shorts were super short. And we would wear our white socks up to our knees…too dorky looking for the shorts to appear immodest, I think. hahaha

I like and follow this look (my shirts are a little longer but this gives a general idea of what I like):

This is what I typically wear…flyingfish…see these capris? This is what I meant. Very light weight, comfortable, and I personally think these clothes are modest if you’re going to be in public with them on…say outside or at a gym working out. Thoughts anyone?*


Um, perfectly fine, lol. :wink:


If I may chime in here… I am a 36-year-old guy who works out 2 hours a day, 6 days a week, with heavy training for primarily health reasons (the practicality of being able to lift and carry heavy objects, such as when moving as much as I have had to in my life, or for travelling, carrying heavy suitcases without tiring; running for a bus or running with heavy bags to get a plane; going up flights of stairs… you get the picture; plus the boost of energy one gets from exercising regularly, better health due to resistance to diseases…) though the esthetic benefits of working out are indeed evident. :smiley:

I work out in shorts and a tank top. I also run shirtless outside. In either circumstance, I get women (and men) who stare, drool, or cruise… it’s bound to happen.

But I’m not looking for it.

I am reminded of a conversation I once had with a Muslim man who told me how “turned on” he gets when he sees a woman who is covered from head-to-toe in a Muslim burka.

He finds it gives a woman a sense of alluring mystery. Yet supposedly such clothes are supposed to keep a man from thinking sexual thoughts about women. Go figure!

So I say to everyone, look, you can’t control everyone. Dress so as to exercise comfortably (I feel that tee-shirts limit my range of upper-body motion when I lift and I sweat too much to wear one when I run outside). Given the fact you are not intentionally out to arouse or tease, you cannot control the minds or hormones of others.

Your baggy sweatpants could be a turn-on to one, moreso than the comfy short-shorts would be to another.

Relax, and if you find you are somehow unintentionally arousing someone, offer prayers for the person as you work out…

They don’t call it “CROSS-TRAINING” for nothing. I work out and make it a prayer to our Lord.


[quote="whatevergirl, post:8, topic:190628"]
*:rotfl: I didn't have to wear those...but I remember the ugliest shorts and plain white shirts...the shorts were super short. And we would wear our white socks up to our knees...too dorky looking for the shorts to appear immodest, I think. hahaha

I like and follow this look (my shirts are a little longer but this gives a general idea of what I like):*

This is what I typically wear...flyingfish...see these capris? This is what I meant. Very light weight, comfortable, and I personally think these clothes are modest if you're going to be in public with them on....say outside or at a gym working out. Thoughts anyone?


Although, I did break with my habit and wear one of these once for everyday (in college :p) and one dude who had recently complimented me on my long skirts looked at me and turned beet red. :p

I think he was just hyper-sensitive, though. :hmmm:


But frankly, my friend, I don’t find a dude w/out a shirt running to be immodest, just super awkward, b/c a lot of people do, see. :o That’s why I err on the conservative side… :shrug:
Oh, and I’m not ignoring your point about the man and the burkha. I think you’re making a good point. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s just that some people might find those running pants (picture that was posted above) also “sexy” so no one can win. I don’t suggest working out in Muslim garb, since that is impractical and like I said, someone might get turned on. :wink: Ha ha.

But it is GOOD to be concerned about modesty!!! I don’t parade around town half-naked but I dress differently when I go to the beach than when I go to the supermarket, than at work.

Also, maybe you’re wearing less clothes when working out at the gym or running outside, but in such situations too, most other people are not dressed too differently than you are, and hopefully are more focused on their own workouts and probably so paranoid and obsessed about how good/bad THEY look that they don’t have time to pay attention to anyone else’s derrière in spandex… :shrug:


Haha, exactly.


I think men who run around town shirtless have to accept some responsibility for the temptation they cause. It’s one thing if it’s in a sunbathing context, like the beach, but quite another when it’s in a place where clothing is expected. I’d liken it to women taking walks around town in bikini tops.


*I don’t necessarily see it (personally) as a temptation when I see men running without shirts, but if we feel women should be wearing shirts, why not men? I wouldn’t run around the neighborhood without a shirt, and just a sports bra…a light weight shirt isn’t that bulky to where it will impede your workout. lol So, why not wear a shirt, men? :wink: Just something to think about.

I agree with you Bastoune that one can become obsessed with the whole thing, and that yes, some men and women might find the most innocent modest attire, appealing. Think it just boils down to common sense, when it comes to modesty. I personally think wearing a sports bra as a woman, and that’s it, no shirt covering it up…is not appropriate, from a Catholic and non Catholic view. It’s also a little gross…I don’t need to see everything you got when you’re running by me. :o I used to wear a sports bra only in the house, and so I know it can be quite comfortable, but when you walk out into the public eye, it should be covered up. I mean, we wear shirts to work, to the grocery store, etc…wearing a light weight shirt isn’t going to make you sweat that much more. :p*


Honestly, if I had a great figure that I worked hard to get, I would never wear modest clothes. :D If I spent hours of deprivation and hard work, you bet people are going to see it. :D:p Maybe that is why God didn't make me hot. :)


Good workout shirts are very cooling and breathable. Like this one:

There’s a woman’s version too:


My wife wears running shorts and a t-shirt when she’s in the gym. I like those UA shirts but they’re a bit pricey. When we’re outside training, she’s in a UA-type tank top.

I think I’ve seen her wear light pants in the past, but that’s only when it’s cold and that’s rare since we’re in south Florida. And since she’s a distance runner (we just did a 15K last Saturday) pants don’t make much sense. But you can still get compression shorts that aren’t immodest in the least. Yeah they’re pretty short, but they’re also built to be loose to keep you cool and as a guy I can assure you that tight fitting pants or longer shorts catch the eye much faster than short but very baggy running shorts.


Yeah, south florida gets really hot, I’d say a good 10 degrees hotter in the summer, even latter part of spring, than in central/northern florida. I’m about 30 minutes from the bay, so we get a nice breeze, even on the hottest of days. Kudos to you and your wife on the 15k!!! I am thinking of entering a running race this year…I had fallen out of running for a time, and now back into it. I think it’s way cool that you ‘‘train’’ together! Couples who pray AND play together, stay together. :smiley: Thank you for your input, makes a lot of sense. Good points.

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