Modesty and the Catholic school uniform

I was reading a thread in Family about modesty, but am asking this question here, as I do not feel right asking questions of a challenging nature there, especially since I am, at best, a lapsed Catholic.

So, given the amount of fetish porn out there, is the traditional Catholic school girl uniform still to be considered modest attire? What I have in mind by traditional uniform is plaid skirt ending somewhere in the knee region with calf covering socks.

This is at least what it was fifteen to twenty years ago when I was young enough to be associating with girls in such dress. If it already has changed, please let me know and apologies for the post - I’m a bit hesitant to search for the current uniform to avoid getting a pile of porn come up.

Also, as a father of a two year old girl, I don’t think I would approve of her wearing such clothing in an effort to avoid scandal / immodesty. I’m imagining her as a teenager while saying this.

I’m sure if I was to look, I could easily find porn featuring women wearing traditional habits. Does that mean that all women religious should start wearing polyester pantsuits? (If that was to happen, I’m sure there would be pantsuit porn)

I’m sure if I was to look, I could easily find all manner of porn that perverts everything.

Is the Catholic school-girl jumper (for the early elementary years) and pleated skirt (for the middle/high school years) indecent in of itself? That should be the question at hand.

Actually, I have two sisters who attended Catholic high school and it was a family joke that their skirts wouldn’t be allowed to be worn at the public school because they were too short. They usually work the school sweat pants underneath when out in public.

I think the uniforms for Catholic girls is acceptable.

If you have problems with your daughter wearing it when she is older, maybe a Catholic school would not be the best place for your daughter.

You have many journeys to make before then. So, don’t worry today. You will know if you feel comfortable with her wearing it as a teen when the time arrives.

Have you see what girl’s wear in public school? If one has a fetish of sorts then that is the problem, not a school uniform. Some guys like nurse uniforms so this can really go anywhere. Any girl who dresses modestly can only do her best. A pervert can find anything seductive if it so entices. I think that this question is valid but I feel that you should rethink the premise behind it. If your two year old daughter is raised with morals then she can live her life morally if she so chooses. And if she does then she will still be subjected to creeps who will find her sweat pants sexy.

Regarding the sweat pants, we have agreed that there will be no butt word pants in this house. I’m kind of a compulsive reader and I don’t know how many times my wife has joked about me staring at a girl’s butt when I was really just trying to see what that other word was.

I do understand that there can be fetishes about anything and that one cannot protect against everything all the time. However, I do remember said skirts, at the high school level, being very short. Shorter than most girls at my own public school wore regularly. I have not seen the public school dress of today either, but I have recently taught at a community college and I have to say that most of the wear I saw most of the time did not stand out as provocative.

“Butt Word Pants” needs to be the name of a new band or something.

I wasn’t even thinking about sweat pants with words on the butt but you are correct in that those do exist. I went to Catholic school for my elementary and Junior high years and they were pretty strict regarding the dress code. This was in the '60’s and even then the girls would try to roll up the skirts from the waist. I’m still not sure the premise of your question since morality begins in the home and no girl should be objectified because of a uniform that they wear. Catholic schools are supposed to embrace morality since that is a core teaching of our Lord. If you are seeing girls in uniform who are being immodest then some adult is not paying attention, mainly the parents.

Sadly, last year we decided to move our (then) 7th grader to the public school due to modesty issues. There is no modest way to put the required white button up shirt on my 34DD daughter! A group of us parents did try to talk to the administration about subtle changes to the dress code, such as allowing polo shirts for the middle school girls, but were shot down. Added to the fact that the shirts were required to be “neat and not baggy” and we couldn’t get one that wouldn’t gap in the front without hanging off the shoulders and being too long, we just decided to move her. Not to mention the thin white shirts can be a bit sheer and some of the girls were bothered by the idea of bra lines showing and such.
So maybe if the uniform isn’t flexible enough, modesty could be an issue.

I suppose this depends on your location, but where I live (Midwestern US), Catholic school girls don’t wear the “traditional uniform” anymore. Both boys and girls wear polo shirts (a couple different color options), sometimes a cardigan in the same colors, and khaki pants, with girls having the option for khaki skirts or capris. Catholic schools in my area abandoned the plaid skirt thing over a decade ago.

Same here, I used to go to Catholic school and the only time I ever wore something similar to the traditional uniform was when I wore a jumper but that was in grade school. We had an option of a jumper or navy blue pants and a white shirt. When it was cold we could also wear a sweatshirt with the schools logo on it.

This is interesting news. I’m glad to hear it.

Well, crazies out there have feet fetishes, right? Should it be considered immodest to wear sandals or flip flops?

There are crazies out there for anything and everything. Heck, I’m willing to bet there are crazies out there who get off on imagining what women look like under a burqua!

You can’t live your life constantly worried about some nut case lusting over perfectly decent attire. You are a whole person and you have human dignity, regardless of how some perv may look at you.

When I went to Catholic school, I hated the uniform! For me it was black dress pants, a brown or black belt, dress shoes and a white cotton polo shirt. I felt worse for the girls though who had to wear the checkered skirts and long sleeved white tops. For some of the “larger” girls, I recall they got to wear dress pants at the discretion of the principal/headmistress.

As others have pointed out, perverts will be perverts no matter what.

If I had a daughter in Catholic school, I wouldn’t waste much time worrying about the traditional plaid-skirted uniform (if it’s still being worn instead of the polo shirt option).

Instead, I’d be more concerned about my daughter wanting to wear certain styles of popular fashions that make her look like a wannabe streetwalker. And I’m not just talking about teenagers here. They market oversexualized garments for all ages now.

Coming from a lineage of bosomy females - tailors will probably be your daughter’s best friend. Buy a larger size shirt and get it taken in and altered so as to fit properly without gaping.

Other best friends are safety pins to keep gaping areas securely closed, and undershirts same colour as outer shirt so no flesh is exposed even if shirts gape.

Moving schools seems a bit drastic if this was the only issue.

Catholic schools in St. Louis still wear the plaid skirts, jumpers, skorts are now allowed. We always ran into the trouble that the skirts were long enough when school started that they met the code, but by Christmas, we needed longer skirts because she grew. We addressed the modesty issue by having our daughter wear shorts under the jumper/skirt. She didn’t like wearing pants, but loved the skorts. We switched to public school in 4th grade, so never reached the “roll the waist” age. We have had no problem with our daughter being modest even though PS girls are notorious for immodesty because 1) I won’t buy something that will be worn immodestly. 2) she is a naturally shy person and doesn’t like to reveal a lot of skin. In fact she’s worse than I am when it comes to disliking what girls wear to church these days (tank tops and short shorts).

The last time I attended Catholic school was in the 90s and we still wore the kilts and button-down Oxford shirts. But the Catholic schools around me still have jumpers and skirts. There will always be weird fetishes… I mean, I remember being very pregnant and men would blatantly hit on me. I thought having a huge baby belly would keep guys away, but that was definitely not the case. A friend of mine later related to me that she knew men who actually had a “thing” for pregnant women. It’s strange.

Whenever I have ever seen the “sexy” school-girl uniform, the skirts are super short and the shirts are super tight with their breasts half hanging out. At a typical Catholic school around me who does have a strict dress code, the girls will have their kilt to their knees and nothing is too tight or too loose. There really is nothing sexy or immodest about the outfits. That said, I remember how at school our homeroom teacher would check our skirts in the morning to be sure they were to our knees, but after school so many of the girls would roll them up so that they were at least 6 inches above the knee. Even when they were that short, though, it still was pretty tame compared to what you’d see girls wear.

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