Modesty at Hooters?


Are the girls who are dressed in an extremely sexy fashion at Hooters restaurant committed sins against modesty?

They say sex sells. So the Hooters model is a clever marketing scheme. However, it just does not pass the smell test when it comes to being moral.

BTW, the food isn’t that good at Hooters (I am not a food critic though, haha)

Thanks for your reply in this matter.


You can walk down a mall and see several people that dress without being modest…
it’s all in the eye of the beholder…


yes Phil a lot of immodesty at the mall 2!

btw, visited Sydney twice. Great city! (my apologies if you’re from Melborne) Im sure it’s nice there too, just haven’t been there yet.


Yes, I think it is a sin against modesty. The Catechism of the Catholic Church says we are to dress modestly, both men and women. Now, a lot of us then get all hung up over the definition of the word “modesty”, unable to come to a consensus, throw up our hands, give up, walk away, saying we don’t know what modesty means! We try to say it’s too difficult of a word to pin down, define, conclude (wrongly) that modesty doesn’t matter!

(“They will ridicule Christian simplicity; they will call it folly and nonsense, but they will have the highest regard for advanced knowledge, and for the skill by which the axioms of law, the precepts of morality, the Holy Canons and religious dogmas are clouded by senseless questions and elaborate arguments”.Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser" (17th Century)).

Now, the Bible also says, repeatedly, about the need for modesty in dress…Timothy, Corinthians, 1 Peter, etc. Job even had a sort of contract with his eyes.

Further, many of the saints have told us, again and again, about the virtue of modesty.

‘When she was thrown into the air by a savage bull in the amphitheatre at Carthage, her first thought and action when she fell to the ground was to rearrange her dress to cover her thigh, because she was more concerned for modesty than pain.’

Pope Pius XII, Allocution to the Girls of Catholic Action, speaking of St. Perpetua

Now, there are the virtues…chastity…goes hand in hand with the fruit of the Holy Spirit, modesty.

Well, there’s an accepted apparition of the Catholic Church, Fatima. Our Lady of Fatima does try to show the 3 children hell and what it is like. Then, she tells us sins of the flesh are the main reason people go to hell. Now, many people seem to see absolutely no connection between these sins and immodesty.

Woe to women wanting in modesty.
Our Lady of Fatima to Jacinta

Let me give you one quote by a saint on immodesty:

So, in a nutshell, we must not dress immodestly, look at those who dress immodestly, or encourage those who do if we want to do what is pleasing to God.


Seeing human bodies walking along a public venue is different from patronizing an establishment that makes sexuality a selling point.

Hooters doesn’t have a franchise in my town; but I wouldn’t go to it if it did.



We are in Brisbane… Went to Sydney for the International Fleet review a couple months back… Really enjoyed it… Lucky enough to have stayed at the Rocks overlooking everything…

One of the worse places for immodesty …
Sugar town shopping Centre at Bundaberg… No idea how to dress…


There isn’t much modesty to be found at Hooters, but that is the point. And I agree, the food is subpar, so I have no desire to return.


It strikes me that Almighty God created the need for sex in order to populate the world, and, in the marriage vows, it says that the two shall become one, in mind, and flesh. Yet, as was cited, more people go to hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other infraction of God’s laws.
Try to carry out your marriage vows of “becoming one”, and then when your wife dies, you immediately turn off everything you have been working for all during your marriage, to know, and satisfy, the female body for procreation. Try that for a real challenge.


Think of it this way. The old saying goes, “Sex sells”, but if no one were buying, the attempt to sell would end, thus eliminating unwholesome venues of employment for women.


As my pastor says, “THE DEVIL IS ALIVE, AND WELL”. Add to that, he is sneaky, cunning, and his temptations are very well planned for the soul he is trying to capture.


I would say yes, since that’s the goal of the uniform. Those who pay to ogle them would also be sinning.


Sexual sins are sins of the flesh, but not all sins of the flesh are sexual sins.

"The acts of the flesh are obvious: sexual immorality, impurity and debauchery; idolatry and witchcraft; hatred, discord, jealousy, fits of rage, selfish ambition, dissensions, factions and envy; drunkenness, orgies, and the like. "

Galatians 5:19-5:21


…not a place for Christians (or others for that matter) to go to.


Very true… But your dealing with Human beings here…
we are a weak bunch …


I would’nt eat there never have myself but ive seen the restaunt in movies and their " fashion show" and I know what they wear is definitly not modest, its a place to avoid if the restraunt was built on something outside of their servers sexuality then maybe their attire would be “okay” but the focal point there is the servers so it should be avoided(yes a 16 yearold male told you to avoid hooters, strange is it not?)


If you really want to patronize it, go there on Friday so you can go to Confession the very next day. Seriously.

The name, combined with the attire of employees, should make obvious what the place is about, apart from mediocre food. IMNAAHO.



Hooters?. Heck, just go to the grocery store, the mall, you name it. Plunging necklines are the in thing nowadays. Every time you see someone in a new dress, or blouse, you see more of her cleavage. And, there are simply no more buttons to close. You’d have to use a safety pin to address the low issue.
Just shows you where this country is going, Down!!. Yeah, the devil is alive and well.


That’s completely different. The Hooters uniform is designed to be immodest. That is the stated goal of the entire establishment.


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