Modesty in dress

Yes, I wear either long sleeves, bracelet-length or 3/4 sleeves year-round. I work in an office, so I have made some short sleeve or sleeveless shells that I wear underneath my jackets, but I do not take the jacket off.

I agree with everybody that finding modest clothes is hard. Thank God the fashion where the pants are a lot lower than the belly button is over. During that time I have to buy clothes at the salvation army because they were outdated and came up to my waist.

Now I find the blouses ops are way to low cut. Of course they always can be worn with a camisole under but the second I bend over a bit, there goes the modesty. Not ot mention I always wonder what the lace on the camisoles do to men.

I always wear a skirt to the office. The main reason is I can not find dress pants I am comfortable in. (and usually I wonder how other women can wear them because they are obviously way too tight around the rear end). Every once and a while a man will make a comment to the effect that ‘I never see you in pants CM.’ Let’s just say I have always taken that as a big compliment.

I also think it is nice for women to wear their hair long. However, unfortunately for me, my hair is very thin and does not grow well at all. I use to have a big complex about it thinking I was not a real women. Now that I am older I have come to accept it. I wonder how God views women’s hair cuts


I’ve been wondering about my hair cut too. So much to think and pray about! I’ve never been very talented in fixing my hair. My hair has always been long and in a pony tail or slightly above the shoulders worn down. I’m concerned that wearing a headcovering is going to require to much grooming talent…ugh. Wearing 3/4 sleeves during the summer is going to be strange. The thing I worry about the most is comments from others, especially my Mom and sisters. I never seem to be able to charitably articulate why I do things. Any suggestions on how to explain my new modest style? I’m in my late 20’s and live a few hours away from my parents so it may be a while before they catch on to my new level of “craziness.”

I do understand how you feel. It gets 105 - 110 degrees in the summer where I live. I wear natural fibers that breathe, and it really isn’t a problem. We are not called to “blend in”, we are called to be beacons of light to a culture that has lost it’s way. This is a narrow path we walk.

I was going to suggest Mormon sites & stores for modest clothing!!
They don’t sell old-lady [like;) Zooey] clothes, they sell lovely feminine clothing that is simply beautiful & modest.
You can go to:
They have links to all kinds of sites (including tall; plus-sized [like:pZooey]; petite; whatever. There are quite a few Mormon sites that sell online. Among them, are several places that sell “fillers” for between the low rider pants & the tops, and to fill in necklines on otherwise nice dresses & blouses.

I wear a mantilla all day everyday. I feel like a child of God. My husband treats me a little sweeter, too! He’s a great guy but he says I just look very soft and pretty. I like to wear it all the time because it is a reminder to pray and I got frustrated taking it off and on everytime I would pray. I feel very much closer to God. I have had a few funny looks, one mean look and lots of smiles. Follow your prayers, Pray to Our Lady, (I like looking more like my Mother). Give it a try at home and see how your prayer-life feels.

Powerful words! And I couldn’t agree more. Thank you, for posting it.

I for one, am sick and tired of having to layer all my tops… with an undershirt of some sort… because I can’t find blouses which button up to the collar bone. Seems all of the new styles are open, practically to the navel. Blech.

Wish I had learned to sew! :o

God bless.

I can’t believe that blouses in the Walmart juniors section actually don’t button up.
Period. They stop, and there aren’t anymore buttons! Leaving a deep V in the front of the shirt. I just can’t believe buttoning has ceased to be an option! My daughter wears tank tops underneath for modesty. Oh, as for sewing - no help. The pattern manufactures just follow the clothes availabe in the store. I was very disappointed when I, also, thought I could fight back by sewing. It is good for making dresses and skirts longer, but I was really saddened when I started trying to sew for my self and my daughter. I wound up in a Costume of Mary for a dress! My daughter as a wide variety of skirts, so, maybe I accomplished more than I originally thought!:slight_smile:

Marie, I always layer my tops too, lol! it’s hard to find modest clothing out there.

So is it a sin for women to wear pants?

Rather, is it more pleasing to God for us to dress modestly, and if so, what attire is thus most modest for women?

As with so much else in Catholic teaching, I find that the more I hear the ‘wise’ and the ‘worldly’ complain that a particular Catholic teaching is ‘too hard’, ‘impractical’, ‘divisive’, ‘medieval’, ‘anti-woman’, ‘extremist’, etc., the more I’m drawn to explore those teachings. So long as the Church herself supports them (or does not ‘deny’ them), they’re usually likely to be good and helpful teachings.

And remember–you asked the question presumably expecting to hear an answer. I gave an answer according to my own belief in which I asked (of you) the very same question I asked of myself in discerning how I felt about modest dress. I hope it’s helpful; if not, I hope that others here may be able to be helpful to you. God bless.

I’m with Tantum ergo. I’m a dresses only gal. A portion of the question I would like to address is - is a woman in pants and occassion of sin for others? No body can look at the average 14 to 24 yr old in a pair of your average Walmart type jeans without thinking they look painted on! The designers have eliminated top shirt buttons and any modesty below the belly! Actually, it’s not quite that extreame, I’m sure you get the idea. I do not think there’s any way to make it work.:slight_smile:

I think yu can be modest and still be fashionable…I love the Blessed Mother but I don’t want to dress like her

Stay away from tight, short ,and low, and you should be fine

Why not?:love:

Long loose flowing, comfortable, etc.

I am not saying you can’t ,but I am not into what they wore 2000 years ago

Things we have today give me much more freedom of movement and lauder easily

I am just not that taken with wearing robes…I will stick to my modest attire that won’t have people turning around staring at me as I walk down the street…I don’t want to stand out either way…Just look modest and well dressed is enough for me

What do you think about modesty in dress for men? Does the Catholic Church teach specifically about this? I know a lot of conservative christian men only wear pants and long sleeves.

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