Modesty in Sermons

Have you heard a sermon where modestly is specifically mentioned? Over my years, I cannot recall a sermon when the priest mentioned the importance of modesty. I wonder why that is

Probably because not that many of the Sunday readings naturally lend themselves to that topic.

A lighter collection basket maybe?


Which Gospel do you think speaks to this? Most pastors prefer to concentrate on Scripture, not use it as an opportunity to chew folks out, especially those that are present, and dressed appropriately.

Judging by the extended response to modesty threads on CAF, I think any priest would have second thoughts, and then third or fourth thoughts, before stirring that pot in a sermon.

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There are churches in other countries that have a sign with the “dress rules” on the door/s.

Our priest did ,any times and it made a big difference in how ladies dress and let their girls dress, at least for Mass!!! God Bless, Memaw

As many times as homilists address topics that aren’t even mentioned in the readings, you’d think modesty could make an appearance now and then.

We had to move our usual seat because there was a family regularly sitting on the pew in front of us, with the teenage daughter right in front of me. She always wears skin-tight jeans, and if I was on the kneeler or standing with my head bowed, and I happened to open my eyes, I’d be looking right at her . . . umm . . . derriere. My wife was very . . . understanding when I made my request to move. :eek:

I can recall perhaps three or four times in the last 10-20 years where that topic was addressed. Admittedly not often, but occasionally. That’s over several different parishes. IIRC, the last time when it was a sermon topic or sub-topic at the parish I currently attend most often was maybe 5 years ago.

Having said that, there are a lot more times when it is “snuck into” the talk. By that I mean, if you pay attention, the priest will mention it in a sentence or two, without lingering on it. Listen for it, you might be surprised.


Political correctness.

I don’t think it’s much of an issue in the UK, too cold to dress immodestly most of the time :smiley:

Not that I can recall. Our pastors are pretty good about sticking to the readings.

No. I don’t even know a priest willing to specifically state a dress code for those who are assisting him as lectors, extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, or in the choir, even when the choir stands where every member can be seen by everyone in the church. The priests we have had as pastors do not touch telling their parishioners, male or female, how to dress.

I’ve heard of some U.S. pastors who turn the a/c thermostat down into the low 60s during the summer. Not very energy efficient, but it does discourage having a lot of bared skin :smiley:

It could also be a lot more comfortable temperature for wearing a heavy polyester chasuble.

I’ve heard homilies that have touched on modesty – not only in dress but also touching on tempering emotions and all being tied in with Humility.

These are often in the European countries, where standards of formality ( != modesty) are far higher, and church buildings that are tourist attractions. By forcing people to pay attention to dress, they are sending a message to not behave like tourists.


Yes, there is that factor.

Around my parts, between the lack of young people at Mass, and the average age of those who do attend, modesty is the least of the parish’s problems.

I know a church that actually has a dress code posted on the doors and the priest includes it in the sermon on a semi-regular basis. As others have said, this does make some people upset, but… it is what it is. It has been that way for about 15 years now in that parish.

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