Modesty talk to high school youth


I’m going to be giving a talk about modesty to our high school faith formation group.

What would you include??


*That’s great, KCT.

I’d probably include:

  • dressing for how you want others to perceive you (thus dress modestly)
  • the importance of saving ourselves sexually for marriage
  • talk about our intrinsic value as God sees us all, we are not objects or tools for another’s satisfaction
  • talk about what they listen to in the form of music and what they watch on tv…wholesome materials lead to wholesome thoughts
  • maybe provide some book titles to help them on the topic of modesty

Good luck & God bless with this! :)*



Start with pictures of people in uniform - show a fireman or a doctor or a judge or a priest.

Ask the kids to write down some characteristics about that person.

Chances are, they will say the firefighter is “brave”, the doctor is “compassionate”, the judge is “wise” the priest is “holy”, etc.

Then, show some pictures of young ladies in less-than-modest clothing - ask what charachter traits they think THAT person has.

Show them how what we wear on the outside sends a message to those around us.


Awesome suggestions! I also heard there is a Theology of the Body for Teens book. That could be helpful.

I love the idea of showing the pics of the judges, firefighters, etc. That seems like it would hit home.


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