Modesty Zone: Confessions of a Former "Hoochi Mama"


Ladies who don’t dress modestly: Please don’t objectify yourselves. This is a good blog entry I stumbled across today and thought I would share it with you all. As a man, I can understand the problem of spring/summer coming around and being subjected to women objectifying themselves. It’s very distracting.


Thanks for the link. Living in Florida, this is something we deal with year-round. I am always looking for resources like this for “ammo” in discussions with my three daughters. They are still young for this to be a major issue, but the time is fast approaching.


You’re welcome. I have four daughters of my own. They are all under ten years of age, but the time will soon arrive when they need to really consider what they are wearing. Even my nine-year-old has some peers that don’t dress all that appropriately.


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