I just wanted to make a few comments/observations about some of Our Lady of Fatima's messages. One that comes to mind was when she said that there would be certain fashions that would displease Our Lord very much. As sins of impurity can lead us to hell, I just wonder what can we do about this. We seldom hear sermons about this urgent message of Our Lady. It must be very sad for her to see the way some girls dress going into a nightclub or even on the streets.

I notice that in most of the shops it's very hard to find a high-necked top or a dress that is actually below the knee - there are occasionally some skirts though. Anyway, when I was shopping in a large department store, I saw the 'teen clothes' which was mostly tight jeans and low-cut tops, so I commented to the man in charge that they all seemed to be very indecent. He said "I know, but if I accepted the kind of stock you're looking for, I wouldn't sell a single thing!"

What can we do about this situation? Would writing to the owner of particular department stores as a group help e.g. different people on a weekly basis? I don't want to just make my own modest clothes, I would like to see decent clothes sold in the main stores.

Any ideas?


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As far as low-cut tops are concerned, I remedy this by purchasing camis. While they do not go up to the collar bone, if I adjust the straps as high as they can go, they keep me from exposing any clevage. If the conservative baptists and pentocostals can make it work then so can Catholics! :thumbsup:


He'd be surprised how many people would purchase quality modest clothing in the teen section. A lot of parents look for clothes that don't make their daughters look like prostitutes.

A person at a local tween and teen store said his job was basically selling thongs and tight prostitute clothing to little girls. Isn't that sick?


I shop from a lot. Adorable clothes from an independent designer that creates modest AND fashionable clothing. Also


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