I have a friend whom I've pretty much grown up with. Unfortuantely she's athiest, but I haven't given up on her. I've never stepped in about how she dresses or lives her life...

Recently however some things have become an issue. Lately it's with how she dresses. My boyfriend and I are decent friends with both her and her boyfriend. He on the other hand doesn't know either of them very well. He recently told me he is bothered by my friend's choice of attire, she tends to show a lot of cleavage and it bothers him to be around her.

How should I approach her about this? Should I fib a little and leave my boyfriend out of the conversaion and tell her I have a problem with her attire? It's become so much of an issue that he doesn't feel comfortable hanging around her and her boyfriend anymore. I must admit that her attire has even begun to bother me as well. She shows a lot of skin.


If it bothers you and your boyfriend so much to the point that both of you are uncomfortable being around her then I suggest that you talk to her about it, first privately. You said you've been friends for a while so just tell her how you feel and also mention that your boyfriend is sensitive to her showing so much skin and just doesn't feel comfortable around her. If she is a good friend, she will listen and be concered with what you have to say. If you find her to be indifferent then you might want to reconsider having her in you life and how important your boyfriend is to you. Good luck!


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