So when it comes to Traditional Catholic modesty, I have a question.

I wear skirts knee-length or below every day, and usually elbow length sleeves. I am pretty happy wearing very modest attire (especially as I love historical fashion, skirts are honestly my favorite). However, I have come to realize that as winter approaches, this is becoming less and less practical. I started dressing this way last June, so I haven’t come across this problem before.

So, more or less I have two choices. I can either begin wearing full-length skirts, or jeans. Logic would say that ankle-length skirts are more modest since they cover more skin. But honestly, my judgment is telling me that jeans are the more modest of the two. Since modesty varies by culture, and jeans are the traditional costume of this culture, it makes sense to choose jeans over very long skirts. Right?

I have plans to go shopping for a good pair of loose-fitting (but not baggy) jeans, to wear with modest sweaters and jackets. Do you think this is the right decision? I know many traditional Catholics who wear jeans sometimes (although skirts are naturally the preferred attire), but I wanted to get some other opinions before continuing.

I should probably admit - wearing more socially acceptable clothing is a factor in my decision. I do love skirts, but it’s difficult to wear long, old-fashioned clothing every day while people around you stare questionably. I am blessed to attend a high school well known for being extremely accepting of all sorts of people, but it’s still hard. I will always make long skirts my preferred attire, but it would make me feel a lot more accepted to mix it up with jeans and other forms of more modest, but modern fashion as well.

Normal jeans are perfectly modest. They don’t have to be super baggy or anything, either. Just find some that fit properly and you should be fine.

Also, some tights with a skirt could keep you fairly warm depending upon the severity of the cold weather. You can alternate between jeans and skirts with tights. Some cute leather knee-high boots could be really great with a knee-length skirt and they would keep you warm.

There isn’t anything immodest about jeans or long skirts. You should wear whichever you prefer, or alternate between them.

Nuns in Africa dress like nuns anywhere else. For the individual, standards of dress should avoid the alluring, such as tight jeans or skirts without slips or those above the knee.


You can always wear a nice appropriate pant suit. And the leggings with the skirt in the winter is a great idea. Also, stick to your guns for your preference of modesty. You are a rare breed in today’s world. It is so refreshing to hear of a young girl who seeks modesty. It’s a forgotten practice. God’s love and prayers.
Pax et Bonum:bible1:

You are worrying way too much!

Jeans are not by any rational metric “traditional” in Western culture. Widespread wearing of them (esp. among women) is largely confined to the last few decades.

And in what sense can jeans ever be more modest than long skirts? Certainly jeans can be more modest than other alternatives but I don’t see how an opaque length of loose fabric can ever be less modest than pants that are necessarily form-fitting to some degree.

If you want to wear jeans, you may as well; virtually no one cares about modesty anymore, there are much more grievous offenses against it, and it’s clear you’re not overly invested in it, anyway. As has been said, if you’re only worried about warmth, leggings and boots are a perfectly attractive, feminine, and prudent supplement to skirts in cold weather.

I enjoy dressing modestly and with style too. I definitely wear jeans, esp. paired with a neat sweater and boots. But, I like wearing long skirts in winter better even than warm weather because I do love calf-length skirts and calf height boots paired together. One neat product I just discovered was “boottights” by Shelby Mason. They are thicker tights with a pattern, and actual socks for your feet attached at the bottom of them.

These don’t look immodest. :shrug: Totally don’t see the big deal.

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