Mohammad’s birthday should be holiday: Imam

This news article is from my current area:

A Jackson Heights imam has started a campaign to make April 26, the birthday of the Prophet Mohammad, a national holiday.

Mohd Qayyoom, head of the Muhammadi Community Center, at 37-46 72nd St., said he believes having a national celebration for the prophet’s birthday would enable the growing Muslim population in America to have an annual celebration and would foster a spirit of cooperation with those of other faiths.

“We’ll give the message of peace, we’ll give the message of interfaith harmony,” Qayyoom said.

Since the Islamic calendar is lunar, Muslim holidays are never held at the same time in the Gregorian calendar, which is solar-based. Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting, can be held in the summer one year but take place in the winter years later.

When the Prophet Mohammad’s birthday should be celebrated in the Islamic calendar differs depending on the denomination. Sunni Muslims observe the holiday on the 12th of the Islamic month Rabi’ al-awwal, while Shi’ites observe it on the 17th.

But the historical birthday of Mohammad is April 26, 570. Qayyoom said holding a national celebration on that day will allow American Muslims to celebrate at the same time every year.

“We want one day, an annual holiday like Christmas,” he said.

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One of Qayyoom’s primary focus has been fighting and speaking out against terrorism.

He said if Muslims have a holiday when they can hold parades and games every year and their non-Muslim neighbors can celebrate, it can bring an understanding between the peoples.

“Prophet Muhammad said, ‘I am not the prophet of only Muslims. I am the prophet of all human beings,’” he said.

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I see no reason for muslims not to celebrate their religious founders birthday much as we christians do. Just don’t make is a nationally recognized holiday, I may be wrong but doesn’t the united states only instate secular holidays? If it does have religious holidays as national holidays it needs to stop, that would bring a slanted view of the government. I think my private beliefs and the holidays that they celebrate should be just that private.

Christmas is a religious holiday that receives national recognition.

I can’t see a problem with this, given that many Muslims already recognize and honor this date anyway.

As to whether it should be a national holiday, allow those Muslims who wish to do so to take the day off to celebrate if needed. No-one else need be affected, given Islam is an unfortunate minority in the UK and the US.

Interestingly enough, Hana Matsuri in Mahayana Buddhism celebrate Buddha’s birthday and there needs to be no discussion about that. To everyone on this site, what makes Islam so different?

The discussion is whether it should be a national holiday. I’m pretty certain that Buddha’s birthday isn’t a national holiday. :wink:

As far as Christmas, it is due to the fact that we are a majority Christian nation that Christmas is a national holiday. If Muslims or Buddhists wish to take Mohammad or Buddha’s birthday off, then they can use a personal day or vacation day to do it. I’ve done this with many Catholic holidays.

So, if this would happen, I would get a day off work AND I wouldn’t have to cook a feast for anyone? I say “Happy Birthday, Mohammad!”

That’s true. :shrug:

:rotfl: :clapping:

This country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.

Granting national status to other religious holidays would be never-ending. I know that you woundn’t want a satanic national holiday (for example) or animist or zoroastrian or

You get my point :wink:

If Hallmark printed Mohammad Cards with his image would they try to kill the people that sent them?

Because of the church and state issue in the USA, the celebration of religious holidays are considered out-of-step today. Though, employees can ask for vacation days during all national holidays that are rooted to our Christian founding, as Americans we’ve decided not to use religion as a way to get days off of work, decorate the buildings for religious festivals, and promote religious ideals.

Though your love for Islam and the Prophet Mohammad is always welcome in the halls of learning, it is still a religious celebration…and the USA is trying to move forward to a more realistic position of the holy worships. All the best of luck, but by the grace of God please don’t get your feelings hurt if Mohammad never gets such attention.

That would be great but there is disagreement over that because many of the founding fathers are Deists and “Secular.” Also there is the “Establishment clause”

You might want to revise your American history if you believe the US to be founded on Christianity.


Come on, no need for that…you have to understand that in Islaam, the Prophet (saw) is revered and loved by Muslims more than anyone in the world, even their own family. For reasons of respect, he is not drawn or depicted in any way.

I’ll have to keep an eye on Jeff Dunham’s FB page to see if Achmed the Dead Terrorist has any views on the matter. :smiley:

But if someone makes a joke about Jesus or Christianity everyone on here would whining and complaining about but making jokes about Muhammad is okay?

I remember getting offended when my cousin said that we Christians are the most to complain about offense but we are the first ones to get on other people’s cases. Now I see there is some truth to what he said.

If you don’t like it when Atheists joke about Jesus/Christians/priests and “scandal”, why make jokes about Muhammad, think about it!

But I’m not Muslim.

So if an Atheist made fun of Jesus and you said “Jesus is the son of God, and does not like how you are treating Him, He is to be respected”, and their response would be “but I’m not a Christian”

How would you like that?

Yet you would be the first person to moan if I were to disrespect Jesus, the Virgin Mary.

Can’t have it both ways…you cannot simultaneously request respect for your beliefs but then do not yield to requests for respect of others’ beliefs.

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