Mohammed iconography: an interesting coincidence


I was browsing through depictions of Mohammed and saw once again, as i knew already, that he is used to be shown with flames surrounding his body. And I thought that is funny how this looks like the Holy Spirit, and how Muslims claim the Paraclet could be Mohammed :slight_smile:

So i would like to know if anyone knows the history of those depictions, their meaning in depth. Or maybe, what you think of this coincidence. Thank you :bible1:

The flames could be hell, depending on your perspective. :slight_smile:

I doubt that was the intent of the Muslim artist.

I doubt any Muslims artist made that if it’s showing Muhammad, it’s forbidden to make images of him in Islam for fear of worship of the pictures and him.

God bless. :smiley:

Then please inform us as to who would make icons of Muhammad?

Good one! (Watch out for the be nice crowd)

Ah, sorry but, that’s not quite true, although it is a common misconception. Shi’ites have plenty of images of Muhammad. Indeed, in Iran one can even buy postcards with his image on them.

If drac16 or any of the other Muslims on these forums could comment more on this it would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Hum, it would be very odd to show muhammad in hell. it is islamic art! :smiley:

As for the prohibition, it is not total, yes, or not the same for all the muslims, and anyway mohammed is often veiled.

What I thought, and what made me think of the Holy Spirit, is the fire to represent the holiness, the presence of God, the Word, the Truth, and so.
Is there a muslim who could tell me more about this representation?

I have just seen a picture showing many prophets, and they all have that flame over their heads.

So i guess it is an like an aureola of our saints, or egyptian gods.

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