Mold in carpet


Somehow, our tree stand must have leaked water and when we took our Christmas tree down yesterday, there was a pretty large spot of mold underneath on our carpet!!! :eek:

Does anyone know what’s recommended to get this out? (We tried spot carpet cleaners like Resolve, and while the spot has gotten lighter, it’s certainly not gone.)

We’ve thought of using vinegar or ammonia? Do you think that would work?

Please help!


What color is your carpet? Amonia won’t take it out. Vinegar won’t take it out. Household bleach in a water/ bleach ratio of 10:1 might work, but then you might have to dye the spot (not hard, just more work).

There is a product called Molderizer. It is natural and worth the effort.

You might have to remove that area of carpet and install another hunk the same size. A pro can do it easily and inexpensively. Call around under “carpet repair”.


thanks Chicago. My carpet is white, so bleach maybe wouldn’t be too noticeable…

I’ll look into the product you mentioned. Hopefully (please God!) that will work.

I really don’t want to have to pay to have the carpet replaced!!!


This won’t help this year’s problem, but what we do every year is to first put down a large black yard trash bag, then newspaper, then the stand, then cover everything up with the tree skirt. I cannot tell you how many times this has saved us from disaster!! The plastic forms a barrier to the carpet and the newspaper serves to soak up water that may leak. We cannot see any of it because of the tree skirt. It makes clean up soooo much easier!


We do this too.

Salt water might also help as well. I’ve had pretty good success in getting mold spots off towels/wash clothes that sat balled up and wet in my kids’ bathroom. You have to use alot of salt and you’ll want to use baking soda to absorb the water.

If you don’t want to use bleach, dampen the spot, pour lots of baking soda onto the spot and then pour vinegar over it. Let it bubble up really good, scrub it, then let it sit until it dries and then vacuum it.

Good luck!


I sure wish we would have thought of that! :doh2:

I will try this tomorrow! It sounds promising!!! Thank you!


Eeewww, what a bummer, SavedByHim! If the Molderizer doesn’t work, would there be harm in just putting a house plant over the spot? Would that cause the mold to continue to grow under there? I have a rip in the kitchen linoleum (thank you vacuum cleaner :rolleyes: ) that I hide under a houseplant when people come over. :o


When you get mold in the carpet the thing you have to consider is what’s under the carpet.

If you have a cement slab then if you get the mold out of the carpet and the padding underneath you’re probably ok.

But you need to make sure the mold hasn’t spread within the padding and into any wood flooring underneath. I’m told most household bleach isn’t always effective at getting mold out of wood.


Right now, that’s what we’ve done… we’ve covered it up with the couch. :o

And that’s good thinking about the pad underneath… we may just have to call in a professional. :frowning:


lots of harm, the mold will continue to grow and present a health hazard and a minor repair will grow to a major repair, and even may keep you from selling your house.

just killing the mold in the carpet is not enough, and just because you don’t see it or smell it anymore does not mean it is not there. also do you know if it is mold or mildew, they are not the same and don’t have the same treatment. you also have to treat the pad, and the floor underneath.


You HAVE to look under the carpet to see how far down the mold has spread. If it’s still just in the carpet and the padding, cut those pieces out and replace them. Don’t mess with mold, it’s an expert at surviving and reproducing. If there’s wood underneath your carpet, and the mold has spread to it, or even just through the padding, I’d call a professional. I’d also get it out from under the couch, even if it is ugly. Molds like dark, damp places, so exposing it to light is a good place to start in weakening it.
Good luck in getting it out, I don’t envy you. :frowning:


UGH! Don’t do bleach unless you have tried EVERYTHING else!! Even on white carpet, bleach could turn it pink or beige - it is a very tricky chemical.

I agree with the p-beast - call a professional. :slight_smile:



Are you positive it’s mold? Is your tree stand metal?

We have a stain from a previous owner that I though was mold, but now think it’s a rust stain. It’s dark, not orange like rust.

Even the pros couldn’t get it out. —KCT


i guess i don’t know… how can you tell the difference? it was blackish-orangish and it “looked” like mold.

our tree stand is actually plastic, so i don’t think it came from that.

so, we basically are up a creek without a paddle, eh? hmmm… i’m home from work tomorrow. i better make a phone call. drats!


Having cats, I can tell you that it is not all that expensive in the long run to have the carpet profesionally assessed and repaired while the problem is small. It’s when you ignore it under the couch that it gets nasty. Last time a cat did some damage, about two years ago, it only cost me about $50 to repair. The pros are experts at matching carpet.

That is what I would do.

If you can’t afford that, then try the Moderlizer or the water/ bleach ratio. Don’t use straight bleach!!! 10:1 ratio water to bleach!!!


:smiley: Yes, I suppose you’re right. We’ve moved the couch to let it “breath”.

$50 is not bad at all. However, now DH is saying with our tax returns, we should just replace the whole living room carpeting. (It’s white after all. Who has white carpeting with little ones?!?!?!?) :rolleyes:



Lots of people used to think white carpet was stupendous, very classy.

I like a root beer color or varigated gray (hides lots of dirt).


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