Moldova election: Pro-EU parties edge pro-Russian rivals - BBC


** Moldova election: Pro-EU parties edge pro-Russian rivals ** - BBC

Partial results from Moldova’s parliamentary elections show that pro-EU parties have a narrow lead over those backing closer ties with Russia.

With 80% of the votes counted, the three pro-Western parties have about 44%. The opposition has 40%.

No party appears to be able to form a government, and tough post-election bargaining is predicted.

On the eve of the vote, one pro-Russian party was banned from Sunday’s poll - a move criticised by Russia.

The elections have taken on a wider significance in the shadow of the bloody crisis in neighbouring Ukraine.

About 2.7 million people are eligible to cast their ballots, electing a single-chamber 101-seat parliament by a system of proportional representation. The turnout was just under 56%.

However, residents of the Russian-backed breakaway region of Trans-Dniester are not taking part in the election.

:thumbsup: The people voted, I’m sure they are aware of the situation.


“Pro-European Union” or “pro-Russian”. What a choice!


Moldova has got a great atchievemnts, the citizens have a right to travel to EU without VISA.
Its a great atchievemnt of this small country, I hope they will integrate to European society.
Only the integration with EU will bring prosperity and order for this country.




Good luck to them - welcome to long term austerity and NATO military exercises!



Why is it so hard for countries to get along?


Maybe even “long term austerity” is viewed as being better than having everything stolen by oligarchs in league with a KGB colonel. And quite possibly NATO exercises (if they ever occur in Moldova, which I very much doubt) are better than being occupied permanently by a Russian army. (They have experienced that before)

And if I were a Moldovan, and had I ever been to France (let alone Germany or Denmark) to see how the French live, and had I also been to Russia to see how the Russians live, I think I would very quickly opt for the EU, austerity or no austerity. Austerity might be “long-term” in western Europe, but it’s not permanent like it is in Russia.


Moldova is traditionally good in producing wines.
The problem with EU that you can not sell there low quality wine, but if you have a good quality wine - you can find your market in EU. So it will be probably the transformation of quantities into qualities.
If in some ways the difficulties in EU will be from bad to worst , it will be temporary, but in long run the changes must be for better.


Since you are in Ukraine, I have a question.

I am given to understand there is some good wine produced in Crimea. Massandra winery, I believe, is one of the better producers.

I would like to ask you whether there is any good wine-producing part of Ukraine OTHER than Crimea. Since the Russian annexation, I would not buy wine from Massandra produced since then.


People make wines in Bukovina , in Zakarpattia.
I know that in Zakarpattia Oblast there are good wine-makers.
There are wine-festivals in Mukachevo, Berehove, Uzhgorod.
Some times the wine-makers from Vynohradiv and other towns of Zakarpattia Oblast are coming to Lviv and sell home-made-wines during the festivals.
In small towns of Zakarpattia the cab drivers can recommend good wine-makers, and even can drive you to ‘‘tasting’’, that is usually ends up in buying wine.:o
I think that those who used to sell Crimean wine probably switched to make business with Zakarpattia wine-makers.
The cuisine is also great:thumbsup: in Zakarpattia.:smiley:


I’ll look it up. Thank you.


Interesting; Where’s the cheapest place in the world to buy wine? Who’s got the most over-priced wine?

Bottle of Wine Mid-Range


  1. Moldova $2.97
  2. South Africa $4.29
  3. Ethiopia $4.35
  4. Namibia $4.38
  5. Hungary $4.41
  6. Uzbekistan $4.44
  7. Macedonia $4.45
  8. Ukraine $4.50

Most Expensive

  1. Saudi Arabia $99.99
  2. Kuwait $99.96
  3. Iran $40.00
  4. Libya $39.04
  5. Indonesia $24.91
  6. Singapore $23.69
  7. Bahrain $21.99
  8. Qatar $20.60


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