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I am a bit confused as to where the church stands morally on many emerging “sciences” if they are that. Genetics, cloning for like growing organs from specialized stem cells taken from the person diseased.

I know “test tube babies” is wrong for some reason. Euthanasia and abortion are unthinkable. What about taking stem cells from someone whose liver is diseased to grow them a liver for transplant. This is all new. What about “cloning” and that is a broad definition.

Cloning for the greater good isn’t very new…it’s been around for the past few decades now.

Cloning can be used for a multitude of different things that help a number of different people.

Cloning is used to treat and cure disease, to create medications for people who have Diabetes and MS, and it’s invaluable in the field of forensics and used to identify and convict criminals…especially in cases of murder and rape.

Cloning and stem cell research has helped millions of people battle disease, cancers and other ailments that would otherwise be a quick death sentence.

Most people who are completely against cloning or stem cells in their entirety aren’t informed of the benefits and moral good that these practices can accomplish.

So the church says this is ok. The things mentioned. I think international law, such as treaties at the UN and such ban alot of genetic things too.

It’s completely sensible to say this is okay.
The safest and only drugs we use to use to treat many cancers, diabetes, MS and other illnesses require cloning.

Stem cell research is not limited to only using aborted fetuses and discarded embryos.

Cloning is not limited to just recreating a human being and going agains’t Gods law.

There is so much more to genetics then just recreating human beings like we see in the movies.

Can you be more specific? There are different types of cloning and stem cells.

Adult stem cells are derived from the patient’s own body and are good.

Embryonic stem cells are derived from human embryos that have been killed. This is wrong and unacceptable to the Church.

So-called therapeutic cloning is very bad. A baby would be created with genetic material from the patient for use as spare parts.

Finally, embryonic stem cells are recognized as foreign material by the patient’s body, requiring the use of anti-rejection drugs for life.


Well I know gathering stem cells from a blastula will kill the coming embryo. Or human being so that’s immoral. I’m not quite sure how specific to get. What about the old “Dolly” the sheep thing. A cloned animal that came up with all kinds of problems. Doing that with humans would be very bad wouldn’t it? If it even worked. Things involving or manipulating mitosis and meiosis, would that be bad? :shrug:

The technology for using adult stem cells is advancing. That is worth watching. It’s moral too.


The bible says there is nothing new. Do you think another previous generation discovered this technology too?

This is a confusing topic but it is very good to ask these questions and educate ourselves. The stem cell therapy which we consider good is from adult stem cells which are found naturally in our bodies and are showing a great deal of promise. Also, they are treating adult cells to change them back into stem cells and these are also considered good. The cell would never grow into an entire organism when treated this way. It would only grow into nerve cells or liver or however it was directed. The scientists are using these to treat illnesses and replace damaged tissues. The human does not reject these tissues if the cells are taken from that individual in the first place.

In cloning, such as Dolly the sheep, they take an adult cell and use the whole DNA to put in an egg without nuclear DNA and try to grow another whole organism. Even if they do not grow this organism to full term as with Dolly, this is very bad, especially with humans. Taking organs from clones is as bad as taking them from fetuses.

I have put links here that are related to these topics for more information:

As far as mitosis and meiosis, it depends what they are working on. They are finding in cancer that there are factors outside the protein-producing parts of the DNA that cause problems if they are not exactly lined up right. These are produced by the “junk” part of DNA that evolutionists say is not worth studying. I think there will be a lot more research into this now.

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