Mom, dad fined $181 for homeschooling kids

Judge spares them jail sentence demanded by prosecutor

A mother and father in Archfeld, Germany, today were fined $181 for homeschooling their children by a judge who spared them the jail sentences demanded by the prosecutor, according to the Home School Legal Defense Association.

The organization has been monitoring and working on the case of Juergen and Rosemarie Dudek. The HSLDA previously reported the prosecutor had suggested only jail was a deterrent to homeschooling families.

But the ruling today from the judge, identified only by his surname of Drier, said the parents were guilty under the criminal law in the German state of Hessen of homeschooling even though they were providing a good education for their children.

He fined them 120 euros, or $181 U.S.

“We recognize in our German basic law about philosophical and religious conviction and that parents have rights, but the basic law also includes that it is the state’s role to educate all children,” the judge ruled.

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