Mom & Dad raised me up a Catholic

So in further review and retrospect,

Seems my folks raised up a Catholic.

I was baptized Lutheran and had my first experiences within that church.
Then we went to a United Methodist church…
We moved many times, but continued till I was about 26 in those churches.

UMC was split from the Lutheran who split from the Catholic…so there are a lot of similarities. They are not of the once saved always saved ilk.

It seems I was supposed to have been taught ‘by faith alone’ and by the ‘bible alone’ but was not, and was taught that works definitely do matter, and is proved by several OT and NT texts.
I was also taught of the real presence of Christ within the components of the communion . (bread and wine, though the last time I partook in the Lutheran church it seemed empty)
I was also taught of the history of the apostles and how the church developed. (though I’m still learning that)

So, it seems my folks raised up a Catholic and this Easter when I cam into the church I was literally Confirmed that fact. (and I discovered a Eucharist which was not empty) It was not a Huge Conversion, just a Confirmation that Yes, this is indeed what I believe.

Anyone else have these and other experiences in their conversion? That is, that they were taught, or grew to believe other than what the ‘official’ stance was of the denomination (or religion) they are originally from which later you learned to be Catholic?

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Our family has found a “home” in the Brothers and Sisters of Charity. It is a wonderful way to fully live out our Catholic faith.



Welcome Home Catherine :smiley:


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