'Mom,' 'dad' to be axed


No, and it looks as though California might be only the beginning here. . . :frowning:


Want to read something REALLY frightening? Try Diane Ravitch’s-The Language Police.


[quote=Tantum ergo]Just a quick caveat: Lizzie Borden was found Not guilty of the murder of her “parental units”, June 20, 1893, by the jury.
You axed for it.

Oh, those liberal judges! Or, did the poem result in a mistrial when it was passed around by the jurors?


[quote=Jason Hurd]Please. California has its share of loonies just like any other place, but we also have decent, ‘salt of the earth’ type folk who live quiet, unassuming lives. You just don’t hear about us as much because we’re not always on the news screaming about this or that; we’re actually out there working for a better world instead of just talking about it. If every state in the Union were to be judged by its most vocal residents, California would not be the only land of “fruits and nuts”. Try to exercise some charity where we are concerned and leave the generalisations at home.

You’re right… unfortunately, CA is also one of the only states I’ve ever been in that can be dependant on to vote (by the people) on some really ridiculous things! I mean, they voted down the proposition to have a girl “notify” (not ask permission) her folks if she was about to have an abortion. But I understand what you are saying. :slight_smile:

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