Mom gives birth to twins: total weight 23 pounds!

Wow, I bet this was uncomfortable.

A set of twins delivered at Forsyth Medical Center in Winston-Salem on Tuesday are the heaviest set ever born in the state of North Carolina and possibly the second-heaviest set born in the United States during the last 100 years.

Hospital officials said twins Sean William Maynard and Abigail Rose Maynard were born to parents Joey and Erin Maynard, of Winston-Salem, via Cesarean section.

Sean William weighed 10 pounds, 14 ounces, and Abigail Rose weighed 12 pounds, 3 ounces – a combined 23 pounds, 1 ounce. Hospital officials said the twins are North Carolina’s heaviest ever.


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I wonder if she was taking prenatal vitamins?

Whoa not only did she have to give birth to twins, they came out 2 months old! :eek: :smiley: She must have had an enormous baby belly!

Wow… I thought I had big babies. Holy mackerel, that poor woman. I can’t imagine carrying that much weight.

At least there are no worries about those babies health! I bet they’re gonna nurse that pregnancy weight right off her in no time! :thumbsup:

Good Lord… :eek:

Good for her! :thumbsup:

No kidding… wow what’s in the water there in North Carolina?

Might more likely be the prevalence of fried foods in the Southern diet…

Though in the mom’s defense, I have to say that I ate much healthier with my second than with my first, and he came out nine ounces heavier! He was huge (10-6), people were asking what football team he would play for. And he looked like a linebacker with all his rolls. So what she ate may have nothing to do with it.

Funny thing about that kid… you would never know it now. He is the skinniest little beanpole… tall and skinny. :shrug:


:gopray2: Dear God, please let me have little healthy babies someday. Amen


Funny thing, though. My smallest was the hardest to push out. :shrug:

Yowsa! Now that’s a good reason to have a C-section! I was thinking maybe gestational diabetes. Glad they’re healthy. God bless them!

ditto on both counts!!!

OWWWWWWWWWW! I swear I think I just felt my Uterus try to crawl out of me! :stuck_out_tongue: That poor woman though…course one could look at it this way…if she has any more kids…hopefully this birth will have made it easier!

I do hope you are correct and that the babies are healthy, but my first thought after reading the weight was “gestational diabetes.” Hopefully, mom and babies are fine, but GD is a possibility.

Praying for all.

Or quite possibly Gestational diabetes



My baby was 12 pounds 2 ozs delievered by c-section at 39 weeks! And, no, I did not have gestational diabetes (they tested me 3 times throughout my pregnancy!) and I didn’t eat that badly!

Oh, boy, I was extremely uncomfortable, I cannot imagine how this poor woman was!

My baby is a little peanut now too…

And I am pregnant with my second and despite a strict diet and walking every day, it looks like it is going to be another big one…


my momma had three kids all at once (I’m a triplet) and we combined only weighed about thirteen pounds!! (Granted we were a month premature) I cannot imagine how large this woman’s stomach was!!!


Somebody put that lady up for canonization.

Some women do just have big babies, even without a junky diet or gestational diabetes.

Mine have weighed in at: 10’4, 9’9, 10’1, 9’7, 11’3 (ouch!), 9’2, 8’6 (no idea why she was such a runt!) and 9’8. No GD with any of them, and a pregnancy weight gain of 28-30 pounds with all. #4 & #5 were induced at 40 weeks exactly to try and keep the size down a bit. Everybody after #5 has been induced two weeks early for the same reason. My husband is 6’2, so that’s probably a factor, but at birth he was only as big as my smallest. :shrug: Who knows why?

But I have to say, every time I find out I’m pregnant, I start praying immediately, “Please God, don’t let it be twins!” I don’t think my pelvis would stand for it. :smiley:


PS Oh yeah, and that mother deserves some kind of a medal. Good grief!

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