Mom has cancer


Sigh. As you know, my grandmother died Dec 1. and my baby March 7. Now my mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Please pray for her.


:gopray: Praying…

I don’t know what to say, so I won’t say anything, other than you are in my thoughts.



I am so sorry. That just stinks doesn’t it? On top of everything else. :frowning:

But hopefully hers will be the sort of cancer that is treatable & in no time she’s good as new. I know several women who had breast cancer and are doing great today. I will pray for her.


I am so sorry. St. Perigrine please pray for this family!


My prayers for you, especially to St Peregrine.


I will be including you in my Prayers tonight. May God give you the strength you need. :blessyou:


Absolutely. Stay strong.


I’ll pray *much *more than usual tonight…

God be with you,



I’m so sorry, your mother and your family will be in my prayers. If it helps at all, 3 members of my family (one male) have had it at different stages and all are well now. I pray that God willing she too can be treated and be well again soon.


May St. Raphael bless and care for your mother, and may the entire heavenly court intercede and welcome your baby and grandmother into heaven.


I will defenatly pray very hard for you. God bless.:frowning:


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