Mom Having Trouble With My Vocation


Alright, here’s the story…

I am 17, going into my senior year of high school. She knows of my desire to be a priest, but she wants me to go to all of these college visits. I have the seminary application. She doesn’t want to believe that I’m going to do what I’m going to do. I told her I don’t want to go on college visits, so she started crying. It is so hard to deal with her. It makes me very sad. How do I deal with this?


Perhaps she is concerned about what you would do if you discerned out of the seminary. It happens but, it might be that she doesn’t know you will be earning a Bachelor’s degree in the College Seminary. I’d recommend that you tell her, gently, that you understand her reservations but you are discerning the priesthood. If she does indeed have concerns about your college degree, then you could tell her about the degree you’ll be earning. If that doesn’t work, or you need extra support, you could have the diocesan vocation director sit down with her to answer questions. They are equipped to deal with this problem. :wink:


If she wasn’t Catholic I’m assuming that you would mention this. Have you discussed your desire with a Priest? If so and if he hasn’t discouraged you, you might ask your mom to go with you to the priest.



What’s it going to hurt to visit a few colleges. Seems like she just wants to be part of the decision. She’s probably been planning these college visits for 18 years.


Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance, direction, strength & fortitude in your discernment.


college visits are a pain. I was thrilled that my second son picked the first college we went to. Refused to look at any others.

Are you an only child? many parents look forward to grandchildren. It can be a disappointment and takes time for them to adjust to the idea. Personally I’d be thrilled if one of my sons wanted to be a priest.


May God bless you and make you a wonderful priest who will touch many souls and bring them Home to Him. I pray your mother will be more supportive and accept the blessing that’s been bestowed on her family.


Hey! Think again here: even as a priest you might decide on a second career. I’ve met many priests who have become teachers, psychologists, accountants, agricultural specialists, business professionals, etc. it would be good to look into further education. AND you will please your mom and maybe understand your young parishioners one day when they are on a career/ college search. Be more open in your vocation choice to ensure you are making the right choice and to let others know that you are serious.


This. There’s no harm in doing the visits - if anything the opposite is true: it’s being good to your mother and remaining open to the Lord. You never know - you might visit a college and feel that the Lord is calling you to go there. Attending college and going to the seminary aren’t mutually exclusive and, if anything, time spent studying just about anything other theology and philosophy can be a great asset to any future studies for the priesthood as well as for priestly ministry. Having spend time at college and working myself, before going to the seminary (where I am now), I’m incredibly thankful for that time.


I was a seminarian for three years. One of the most important thing is to stay on your vocation track. I had some academic problems and fell off mine. I stayed single but other problems in my family came up making it very difficult to go back to the seminary. So stay on your vocation track what ever you do. Because I ran into problems that were out of my control because I had let do many years slip away.


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