Mom is coming to Mass!


I need some help on a gift idea! Let me just say that I went through RCIA last year and was baptized at Easter! My mom who sort of believes in God sort of not came to the Mass and really enjoyed it!! She has asked my husband and I when we are attending Mass on Christmas Eve and has said that she would like to go with us and is excited about going! I would like to get her a gift and I was looking for some ideas. I was thinking of maybe a bible and a missal so she can read it at home. Maybe I can get her to start coming with us every week!

Thanks for any advice!


What about a subscription to the Magnificat Magazine, that has the Mass readings along with other meditations. Do you think a Catholic Prayer Book would bee too much? Do they say the Rosary before Mass, do you think she would like to follow along. Another excellent tool for her would be the book, Why do Catholics do that? It would give her some background on the practices of the Church. God Bless you and your mom!


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