Mom needs help.

My Mom is a professor at a college and she needs your help. I’m not sure how to answer her, so could someone please provide a good answer. She forwarded a powerpoint slideshow, in it the student praised Planned Parenthood for the “good” services they offer and so on. It was a joke, please help her everyone. Here is what she sent me.

I know you are on the Catholic web. I need you to seek guidance in wording and comments for me. One is needed for me to bring to class Thursday evening. I had a student comment on St. Joseph’s hospital in Syracuse still identified as Catholic and the nurse was arguing why they should provide birth control under their insurance for their coverage. I know it has to do with religious freedom and we never want to give this up… however, is there a good response that I can provide for my class.I will copy and paste another students response with out identifying the name…It is regarding planned parenthood. I hope with your contacts I can submit a response to this nurse and the class to open their hearts and minds to the evil behind this agency.

perhaps a simple bio of Margaret Sanger and her genocidal quotes would be enough to show how effective Planned Parenthood has been in “curbing” the population of blacks and other poor “blacks”. Include the declining populations and birth rates for black American women, for example. In a word: Genocide.

Also discuss the economics: how much money is made by performing abortions?

Great idea bout using Margaret Sanger’s quotes for this purpose.
If Planned Parenthood is doing such a good service given they dole out birth control and condoms for free I’ve heard why is there a need for abortions? Surely we’d see a decline in abortion with birth control readily available. They are simply a money making industry
by the murder of children.


There is no such thing as religious freedom. If one is joined to the right religion that God sanctioned, one is no longer free, in fact he denies himself wholly in order to accommodate the moral laws He provides. So there is no longer, “Well, I think women should be allowed to abort”. On the contrary, he gives up these freedoms, and now allows God to make the decision.

I would suggest exploring the authentic definition of freedom-- freedom from sin, to do the good. Look in the Catechism.

The libertine definition of freedom as doing whatever one wants to do is pretty new on the scene, last hundred years or so.

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