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I have been trying (literally) for a couple years now to find a p/t job. I have Fibromyalgia and other conditions which frequently flare up. I can’t stand for long periods; I can’t sit for long periods. This, of course eliminates 99% of jobs. I signed up a few months ago for a Med. Trans. course, thinking I could do it at home p/t. Wrong! I can’t believe the pain I am getting from being in one position even after 15 minutes, and I haven’t even gotten to the hours of transcription ahead! I’ve tried heat/cold, gels, heating pad, a heated neckpiece, ice, a new chair, adjusting my glasses, adjusting computer screen, medication, etc. It will literally take a miracle to make this job work out. I understand the turn-around time for MT’s is sometimes only a couple hours, so even if I worked 2 hours a day, I may not make it. I’ve explored every option possible to correct the pain, and it’s (sometimes) bearable until cool/cold weather hits, then nothing helps. (I live in MN to top it off.) The dr. suggests I move to a warm climate, but that’s impossible with my husband’s job. We desperately need a second income, but the very few jobs open here I can’t physically do. My husband doesn’t want me selling, doing Avon, etc. (We live in a rural area.) Personally I would love to start a craft business, but my husband says it wouldn’t bring in much. (Probably true.) I’m so down about this, as I want to help financially, but there appears to be no answer. I feel worried and sick, and just don’t know what to do. Seems like I prayed about this forever, but have no answer. On top of that, the course I’m taking is expensive, and I feel I’m just wasting my time and have wasted money. I feel I have unwittingly let my husband down, and he is so loving and self-sacrificing. Any creative ideas as to what a handicapped mom can do for income at home? My youngest is 14 and I homeschool. I really need options soon!! Thanks and God bless.


First, the obtaining of knowledge is never wasted. Just because you don’t use it now, doesn’t mean you can’t use it later. You didn’t set out to be trained in something you can’t use now, so please don’t beat yourself up (you already hurt enough!).

I find that instead of thinking in one part time job, it helps to think in several opportunities. I quit my p/t job because it was not p/t, and it was not paying enough, along with some other issues. I am just starting to work out scenarios where I have several avenues of p/t income, and not have to rely on one employer.

You say you live in a rural area. Is there a farmers’ market in the next town or city? Very often at farmers’ markets, there are also craft tables. If you can collect enough craft items throughout the time before the farmers’ market, you could sell them. Your kids are old enough to craft, too. So, this is one opportunity.

There are other things you can do, and they are each one opportunity.

I wrote down a list of everything I could do, no matter how humble, from making really good cookies to cleaning wondows to painting unique flowers to building computers from scratch. I then looked at how each of these could be marketed. I am sure you have talents you haven’t even thought of as talents.

A futher help might be the book by Dan Miller, No More Mondays. His web site is very inspirational, yet very practical.


I’m sorry minimom:( --but your prayers will be answered…sometimes, God’s time seems like an eternity,but He places the right answers into our lives at just the right times.

I was thinking though–I wonder if you could tutor kids, or homeschool other kids? I am not all that familiar with homeschooling, but if a parent can teach his/her own child–why not others, if he/she seeks the proper licensing, etc…if that is required? Again, I’m not familiar with the ‘laws’ of homeschooling, but that is a thought–or tutoring.

I’m just thinking of something to intertwine with what you’re already doing, and seem to have a talent in…


Something to definitely consider! Thanks and God bless.


Have you considered applying for assistance. Social Security/Medicaid. I am sure that would qualify for such programs. I know that sometimes you feel that you don’t want to because of the pride n all. But that’s why we American’s pay taxes, to help those in need. I used to work for Social Services, food stamps etc…It wouldn’t hurt for you to try to apply for these programs and if you do qualify it would sure help you and your family a great deal.

Keep smilin’ Jesus Loves you very much

God bless everything you do in the name of Jesus


I know several moms on here sell on eBay and

One mentioned they go to used book stores/Half Price Books and buy the ones that are high quality and hot sellers and then resell them as a vendor on Amazon for a profit.

Your 14 year old could help you. Perhaps even branching into used CDs/DVDs/games.


Have you considered customer service work? I believe many firms will allow you to work from home, and outfit you with a computer and phone. You could sit, stand, lie down, whatever, while answering calls.

God Bless


**I have Fibromyalgia too so know where you are coming from. I have been unable to work for several years (and even before that it was only extreme part time with lots of absences:() now. The answer to our prayers was finding an advocate through my local support group that helped me apply for disability benefits. I am in Canada so the process is different, but the aspects that are the same (that I know from my American friends) are that they make the process so long and complicated that it is impossible to do on your own and that you will be turned down the first one or two times no matter what (again, to make you give up trying I think). Have to tried applying for benefits yet?

I know all too well of feeling like a burden to my husband and like a failure as a wife and mommy because I can’t do what I need to (in my own opinion) to fulfill my vocations. The financial aspect is really tough too. Even with my disability payments we still live month to month.

The other life saver for me was finding a very supportive support group. Mine was online since actually getting out to meetings proved impossible. It really helped me with the emotional side of Fibro. Just knowing that others out there understand is such a tremendous gift.

I also wanted to say that you inspire me. I have a toddler that I would love to homeschool in the future and wasn’t sure if it is even possible for me…you give me HOPE! Thank you**:slight_smile:


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