'Mom of the Year' nominee refused abortion despite cancer battle

From EWTN News:
The women who were nominated for Walmart’s Canadian “Mom of the Year” contest have many outstanding qualities, but few can claim they fought off breast cancer and gave birth to their seventh child at the same time.

“We knew right from the beginning that God wouldn’t give us this life and then ask us to take it,” Maria Pitman told EWTN News July 10, explaining that the doctor wanted her to abort her child.

Pitman, a Canadian homeschooling mother of seven, was diagnosed with breast cancer early on in her most recent pregnancy.

Medically, the doctor said it “made sense” because it would make testing and treatment easier than if she were carrying a child.

I am utterly convinced that somehow this violates some province’s Human Rights Commission regulation somewhere. :smiley:

St Gianna Molla, pray for us!

She will be an inspiration for other pregnant women who face the same diagnosis

Wonderful person! Get a new Doctor. It “makes sense.”

Send the “Doctor” a picture of the child he was recommending killed. It might turn a light on - and keep him (her?) from being obtuse, COLDLY pragmatic, politically correct, self-serving, sentimentally misled, or whatever he/she was thinking with that stupid “makes sense” comment. < On second thought don’t send the picture Mom, though if you DID you’d be justified given the truth of the matter.

If any of you Mom’s-to-be receive advice like this - at least consider (entertainingly) the option of shrieking “Kill my CHILD?!” as loud as you CAN. Repeat until they close the office for the day. :mad:

Being a Doctor is the highest calling in the world (ok, with the exception of good Priests). But when the distinction between healing and killing gets so fuzzy – some Doctors bring the whole profession down. Re-attaching a severed finger? WOW - THAT’S a Doctor! :bowdown:

Considering abortion healing - or an abortionist a Doctor or a “Colleague”? Ewwww.

All of them have navels themselves (the hypocrites).

Bracing for the upcoming lecture I’m sure to get from someone here (citing the “her life was in danger and he/she was her Doctor” factor). AND I wasn’t there so I don’t know whether the Doctor actually recommended the abortion or just told the woman her options under the law.

The “makes sense” comment is telling though. And the data is in - while it might have made testing easier (or NOT!) - that abortion would not have saved the woman’s life; and having the child not only didn’t kill her, it has brought her admiration, fame and another child to love. :slight_smile:

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