Mom refuses cancer treatment to save baby


This is just beautiful and a testiment to life. I couldn’t help but cry while I read it.


All i can say is that mom’s continue to impress me. Hopeful maybe one day i can be one…,2933,325458,00.html

A mother from the U.K. died just weeks after refusing cancer treatment so that she could save the life of her unborn baby, the Daily Mail reports.

Lorraine Allard, 33, of St. Olaves, near Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer when she was four months pregnant with her son Liam. She refused to terminate the pregnacy at 23 weeks and delayed her own vital treatment to save her son.

Liam was born 15 weeks early and Allard was able to see him a handful of times before she died Jan. 18, according to her husband Martyn, 34. Liam, who was born Nov. 18, is putting on weight and doing well in the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

In addition to Liam, Allard was the mother to three daughters, Leah 10, Amy, 8, and Courtney, who is just 20-months-old.
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I saw it this morning and felt the same way.


:crying: That was so completely beautiful. Just like St. Gianna! :smiley:


That is so sweet…I am at work and crying.


The stuff Saints are made of. God bless her soul.


what a speical women


God bless her :signofcross:


While this is a beautiful story I can’t help but also think about the 4 kids now who will grow up without that loving mother and a husband who has lost, obviously, a wonderful spouse.

While of course we often don’t know for sure I would guess that her soul is now with the Lord. Those still here, he and they will need our prayers as well though, we definitely shouldn’t forget them.



Me too! :frowning: I will keep them in my prayers!


I know a story of a woman who was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer when she was 8 months pregnant with her 11th child. She was a very busy mother as you would suppose with 10 children and a husband already at home. she had no prenatal care, as money was very tight. It was feed and clothe the children or go to the doctor. She chose the children. During her eigth month of pregnancy, she went in to have a lump in her breast examined by the doctor. They immediately did a biopsy, and found that it was indeed, very advanced breast cancer. The tumor measured 4x8 cms, and the lymph nodes surrounding the tumor were completely compremised they were so full of cancer cells. She was admitted into the hospital the same day, and at 8 a.m. the next morning she had a radical mastectomy, all of her lymph nodes were removed. The doctors wanted to start treatment for the cancer immediately but after speaking with her husband and much prayer they decided to leave it in God’s hands what would happen. She refused treatment, since it could have caused the miscarriage of the baby. they waited and prayed. The Blessed virgins intercession was called upon and rosarys’ were prayed non stop. A healthy full term baby was delivered 6 weeks later, (on Saint Joseph’s day)and treatment was begun. Now those close to this women knew that the prognosis was not good. The cancer was advanced, and treatments were started about a year after the cancer had begun to grow. She was 43 years old when she delivered her 11th child. This “child” is now 45 years old, and we buried my dear mother this past July, weeks short of her 89th birthday. Only through prayer and through God’s endless mercy did I have 45 years with her, it was truly a miracle. I was blessed to have parents who left me in God’s hands.

How shall I make a return to the Lord
for all the good He has done for me?

The cup of Salvation I will take up
and I will call upon
the name of the Lord.

Thanks Mom for Life.




I had heard in an interview with her father, that they pretty much knew she was in the advance stage of liver cancer and her chances were VERY slim even if she could have started the treatment earlier. I can’t remember the source of the interview, although I will look for it and see if there is a clip online.


What is amazing to me is the fact that people are surprised by the decision she made. I would think that most of us would choose to delay treatment for ourselves rather than kill our child. It says something sad about society when a mother’s love is so shocking.


Right I’m not saying she didn’t make the right choice… just that we don’t forget those still here :slight_smile:



maryj, that is a beautiful story from the prospective of the child who the mother sacrificed so much for. Your mother and you are both blessed i am sure for her sacrifical love.

Thank you for sharing.


Wow, they must be an amazing family, and what an amazing woman. I highly doubt my mother would have done that for any of us.

How sad though, for her children and her husband who have now lost an incredible woman…I don’t think anyone is shocked that she demonstrated a mother’s love, but that she chose to do that when she knew what she would leave behind.

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